Being the boring, elderly, office-working neutral-makeup-wearer that I am, the first thing I did once I got my Urban Decay 15-year anniversary 24/7 eyeliner set home was start playing with the browns. And friends … I have fallen deeply, madly in love with one of them.

But before I get into that, let’s look at all the brown (or brownish) Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners I own, shall we? From left to right, we have Whiskey, Bourbon, Corrupt, Stray Dog, and Underground. I left most of these photos enormous, so click them for the full effect. In direct sun:

In indirect indoor light:

And a flash photo for good measure:

Please note that only the middle three liners in these photos–Bourbon, Corrupt, and Stray Dog–are included in the 15th anniversary set. Please also note that only Bourbon and Underground are currently available individually. I got Whiskey as one half of the dual-ended pencil included with the Naked palette, and the only other place I’ve seen it is on Sephora as half of a duo.

I’m pretty impressed with all of these shades. Whiskey is a gorgeous, mid-toned, warm brown, and I’d love to have it in a full-sized pencil. Bourbon looks essentially the same as Whiskey, but with gold sparkle. Let’s skip over Corrupt, because I have a lot to say about it. Stray Dog is a really interesting, unusual color. It’s a brownish taupe with a definite gray tone to it–almost a duochrome effect. It looks taupey-brown straight on, but when you see it from an angle, the gray takes over. Very unique. And we all know my feelings on Underground, which is to say I LOVE IT.

Corrupt is pretty much my new favorite thing in the world. Christine from Temptalia describes it as a “dark chocolate brown with warm amber undertones,” and Urban Decay’s website calls it a “dark metallic brown w/silver sparkle.” Both of these descriptions are technically accurate, but I don’t think they really do it justice. It’s a fairly dark brown, definitely darker than Whiskey and Bourbon, and it has a unique reddish-coppery tone. This aspect of it is most obvious in the flash photo above, and it gives it an almost eggplant-y sheen in some light. The sparkle is noticeable, but not obtrusive or glittery. I love the way Corrupt looks with my eyes. Paging Dr. Love! Paging Dr. I.M.N. Love! Sigh.

I wore it to the grocery store today. Prepare yourself for THE GIANT EYEBALLS OF DOOOOOOOM!

I wanted to emphasize the liner, so I wore it with a really pale eyeshadow and mascara, and that was pretty much it. Again, these photos are all pretty huge, so click away!


  • UDPP Eden
  • MAC eyeshadow in Bisque (which, it turns out, is EXACTLY the color of my eyelids)
  • UD 24/7 eyeliner in Corrupt on upper lids
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara in Excessive Black
  • NYX brow powder in Brown
  • UD lipstick in Wicked (I got this as part of a “Beauty in a Box” set from Sephora, and I didn’t expect to like it at all. But it’s actually quite pretty and unobtrusive. Score!)

So, to conclude: Corrupt is just gorgeous. It surprised the hell out of me–the one I was expecting to go nuts over was Stray Dog–and I really, really wish it were available individually and permanently. What do you think? Like it? Need it? Don’t care? Have sworn allegiance to another brown eyeliner already?

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Lush Face

Terrible title, I know. What can I say, I’m sleepy and distracted by Rain Apocalypse 2010 and the impending Christmas festivities!

So! As you might (or, more likely, might not) recall, I embarked upon a Lush skin care routine some time back. I was having some skin issues (odd dry patches, clogged pores, and the like), and since I’m a huge fan of Lush’s bath and body products, I figured it was high time to try out their skin care stuff and see if that sorted things out. After much hemming and hawing, I selected a few products that I thought might work well for me:

I have also augmented this routine with a couple of other items:

Now that I’ve been using this stuff for several months, I’ve formed some opinions. And here they are!

First off, the cleansers. I really, really like both Angels on Bare Skin and Buche de Noel. They’re similar products in that they’re both solid cleansers. As a former user of bar soaps, it took me a while to get accustomed to them; they have a cookie-dough-like texture, and you mix a pea-sized amount into a paste with water in the palm of your hand. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it takes very little water to achieve the required consistency. Both of these cleansers are very mild, and they have a gentle exfoliating effect as well. Buche de Noel is somewhat like a more moisturizing version of Angels on Bare Skin, and I’ve come to LOVE it; I suspect that it might be a Christmas-only product, and if that is the case, then I will CRY. It smells so good that I want to eat it.

I like both of these cleansers a lot, and would/will definitely purchase them again. In fact, I’m tempted to buy a backup of Buche de Noel RIGHT NOW, just in case they yank it after the holidays. I do think my skin has cleared up a bit since I started using them (although, to be fair, it was fairly clear before), and it certainly FEELS a hell of a lot better. So, yeah. I’m sold on these two.

Moving right along to the other new cleanser in my arsenal, 9 to 5. This is a makeup-removing “cleansing lotion,” and you use it like a cold cream, which is to say you smear it all over your face (including eyes and, if required, lips), and then wipe it off with cotton balls or a washcloth.  I don’t wear foundation or blush, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness in removing them. It’s fairly effective and non-greasy as an eye makeup remover.

However. I swear that one of the ingredients in this product reacts with certain mascaras that I wear, creating a STINGING-EYEBALLS-FROM-HELL situation. But this only happens with certain mascaras. DiorShow? No problem. Clinique High Impact? OH HOLY HELL MAKE THE BURNING STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I don’t know what’s up with that, and I don’t know if other people have had the same experience. I use this pretty regularly, and I would buy it again, but if I have the Clinique mascara on, I stick with Clinique eye makeup remover.

I’ve also become pretty fond of the Bubble Gum lip scrub. I’ve read some complaints about this product to the effect that it’s basically just flavored sugar mixed with oil. Which, OK, is true. But the flavoring is DELICIOUS (if you like like Snow Fairy/Godmother/Candy Fluff, you’ll like this). And it’s relatively cheap (US$8.95), and a little bit goes a LONG way. So I’ll continue to use it, and I think it’s a great value. For extra awesomeness, scrub your lips with this, then follow up with Whipstick. Mmmmmmmmmm soft and yummy.

And finally, Celestial moisturizer. My new love. At US$22.95, this isn’t particularly cheap, but it’s one of Lush’s more affordable moisturizers. I definitely think it’s worth the price. It smells delicious–like vanilla ice cream and almonds–and it’s incredibly soothing to my skin. It’s noticeably moisturizing without being greasy. I like it at least as much as the significantly pricier Paradise Regained, which is what I was using before I bought this one. I hate to sound like a broken record here, but I adore this and would/will buy it again.

So! There’s my rundown. Have you used any of these products, and if so, what did you think? Is there some other magical Lush wonderment that I’m missing out on?

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Urban Decay Strikes Back

It’s Thanksgiving Episode V, which we all know is REALLY part 2!

Yes, Mister Principessa enjoyed Thanksgiving Episode IV: A New Pork Roast Recipe so much that he decided we needed to reprise it this weekend, presumably to help us bear up through the long, dark stretch of winter between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That might have seemed like a reasonable explanation, anyway, were it not gorgeously sunny and 80 degrees out today.

At any rate, I decided to wear the same dress I wore on Thanksgiving Episode IV, but sans layers and belt. It is WARM out, people. However, I decided to do different makeup this time around. I’ve been on a major Urban Decay kick of late, so I dragged some of my more neglected eyeshadows out for a little playtime. As a Christmas gift to me from me, I ordered a few new UD shadows (*cough*eightplustheAmmopalette*cough*), which are currently sitting in their little shipping boxes under the tree. Since there will soon be an influx of sexy newcomers to play with, I figured I’d better get to using the ones I already have, and quickly.

I have a couple of Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadows that I never wear because they seem somewhat … intimidating: Frigid and Freakshow. They’re actually similar colors, fairly intense purples with dark bases. Frigid has more of a blue tone to it (almost a duochrome effect–in fact, it’s rather like a much darker version of Asphyxia), and Freakshow is more pinkish. I’ve been playing with them both over the past couple of days, and it turns out that they’re much more wearable than I’d thought they’d be.

Here, I used Frigid as the main color. You can really see the blue tone in these next two photos.

Product breakdown!

  • UDPP
  • Urban Decay Asphyxia on inner 1/3 of lids
  • UD Frigid on outer 2/3 of lids and into crease
  • UD Freakshow in and slightly above crease
  • UD Sell Out to blend/highlight
  • UD Zero eyeliner on top lash line and smudged under lower lashes
  • UD lash primer
  • DiorShow mascara
  • Some ancient L’Oreal sheer lipstick that’s so old I probably shouldn’t be wearing it, but I am, because I’m gross like that

Yikes. I need a goddamn haircut. Good thing I’m getting one on Thursday. I’m trying to go in a short bob direction, but it’s currently leaning toward an unfortunate look that I refer to as Lady Senator Hair.

In other news, behold ye mighty and majestic tannenbaum!

Yeah, it’s a desktop model.

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Sap and a Dress

Note: Since it’s Thanksgiving Day in the US, I did one of those sappy “Things I Am Thankful For” entries today. If that kind of thing makes you roll your eyes, feel free to scroll to the end for pictures of me in a pretty dress and red lipstick.

I’m the kind of cheesy dork who tries to appreciate the small things in life. Part of why I like Thanksgiving (aside from the pie) is that it celebrates this kind of navel-gazing. It really lets you revel in gratefulness and humility, and it encourages you to spend some serious time thinking about your life and what’s awesome about it. Plus you get to eat until you can’t move and lie around watching The Twilight Zone all day. What could be better?

Thanksgiving 2010 has been pretty great so far. This morning I slept in. I get up just before 6:00 AM during the week, so sleeping in has become a bit of a luxury. This morning, I didn’t get out of bed until about 9:45. And it was GREAT. I love sleeping, and being in bed in general. It’s warm. It’s comfortable. It’s relaxing. And you know what are awesome? Pillows.

After we got up, the Mister and I took a walk. We live just a few blocks from the ocean, so we made some hot coffee, poured it into thermoses, and walked about a mile and a half down the beach. On the way back, we walked along Ocean Boulevard, which has some great old buildings (I’ll post pictures one of these days)–a green one called “The Empress,” an Art Deco one, a brick one that we refer to as “Toad Hall.”

Once we got home, I took a hot shower while the Mister made a second pot of coffee. I washed my face with Lush Buche de Noel (which smells delicious and is just a tad more moisturizing than Angels on Bare Skin–perfect for winter), and then used Haus of Gloi bubbling scrub in Parkin, which is like Christmas in a jar. It smells AMAZING. (ETA: I used it on my arms, not my face!) I like to ponder the coming day while I’m in the shower, so I thought about what was ahead of me today: cooking, eating, knitting, a phone call to my family in CO, probably a hot bath later. Post-shower, I took the pie I made last night out of the fridge to bring it up to room temperature, and then sat down to blog.

I have so many things to be grateful for today: A job that gives me holidays off and pays well enough that I don’t have to have a second one, which means I got to sleep in on Thanksgiving. A nice warm bed to sleep in, and a fabulous man (and a seriously obnoxious cat) to share it with. A quirky old apartment in a friendly neighborhood a stone’s throw from the largest ocean in the world. Access to a reliably hot shower and fancy-schmancy smelly products to use once I’m in there. A close relationship with my family, and the fact that we’re all healthy and happy. Enough money and leisure time to indulge in my hobbies pretty much at will. A computer and camera with which to create this blog entry and Internet access so I can post it. The list goes on.

My life isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m sure that some people would be humiliated to live the way I do. No house? No children? No Lexus? No CABLE??? And you know what? To hell with them. I’ve had some tough times, but I’ve worked hard to build a life that I love, and there’s not much I would change about it. I’m so utterly fortunate. And I do my best to keep that in mind, even when–ESPECIALLY when–the going gets rough.

And finally, I’m so fortunate to have met you all through this blog. I don’t have a ton of readers, but hey–quality over quantity! Thank you for reading, even when I am a sucky inconsistent blogger. Please know that your support and comments mean a lot to me.

Holy sapballs, Batman! Let’s cut through the treacle with some clothes and makeup, shall we? Today I am wearing my new dress from Lucie Lu. (Sorry for the squinty pictures–it was bright out!)

It’s super comfy, although it’s a bit bigger through the bust than I’d like. I might take it in, I might not. The Mister thinks that it looks like lingerie. I think he’s full of poo. The dress is actually sleeveless; I’m wearing it over a short-sleeved top.

Outfit details–now with sizes! (I think it’s useful when people post sizes along with outfits–do you? And would you find it useful for me to post my physical stats? People usually do this on Fatshionista OOTD posts, and I find it really helpful.)

  • Teagan Dress from Lucie Lu, size 1x (14/16)
  • Lacy sweater from Old Navy a couple of years ago, size L
  • Tights from Target, I forget what size
  • Belt from Old Navy, size M/L
  • Born shoes–although in reality, I wore these shoes all day:

And a better look at the makeup!

I did sort of pinup-inspired eyeliner and red lipstick today. The eyeliner is Urban Decay 24/7 in Crash, which is a gorgeous eggplanty purple with glitter. I really like it, but I always end up with glitter all over my face. I left these next two huge so you can see the glitter.

The lipstick is L’Oreal True Red mixed with a bit of Chocolate Truffle. I like my red lipsticks on the dark and brownish side, and it’s hard to find the exact right shade. So I usually have to mix a couple lipsticks together.

  • UDPP in Eden
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon eyeshadow in Brulee
  • UD 24/7 eyeliner in Crash
  • UD lash primer
  • DiorShow mascara on top lashes only
  • L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in True Red and Chocolate Truffle

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Pictures of food tomorrow.

Three-Way Dupe Alert!

Maybe that’s actually a trip alert! You know, triplicate? Instead of duplicate? The point is, I have discovered that I own not one, not two, but THREE versions of what is essentially the same eyeshadow shade. And whether you like higher-end makeup, drugstore cheapies, or online-only mineral makeup, there’s one here for you!

The shade in question is a very pale matte beige. In my case, you might even call it a “my lids but better” shade. It’s light and matte enough that you can tell I’m wearing SOMETHING, but subtle enough to be barely noticeable. It makes an excellent, warmish highlight color and a perfect pale background for pinup-style eyeliner. And it might even make a reasonable “in a pinch” concealer or highlighter for the right skin tone.

Here are swatches of the shade in question. On the left we have MAC Blanc Type. I was super excited when I ordered this (it was my first MAC purchase, along with the Vanilla and Naked pigments). My excitement sank into mild disappointment and then vague irritation with myself when I discovered that it’s basically the same color as Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon eyeshadown in Brulee (center), which I already owned. And then, when I hauled out and swatched all my Silk Naturals colors a week or so ago, I thought to myself, hmmm … that Bone eyeshadow looks mighty familiar. Yep. That’s it there on the right.

Direct sunlight:

Indirect outdoor light:

In my opinion, Blanc Type and Bone are basically indistinguishable from each other. Brulee is very, very slightly warmer and darker than the other two; it’s also very soft, and I find it easier to get on my brush than Blanc Type. But those are basically the only differences, as far as I can tell. I’ve worn all three of these and have noticed no discernible differences in staying power.

I’m (obviously) a huge fan of this shade, so it’s somewhat comforting to know that I will NEVER EVER run out of it. If you are intrigued by it but don’t have any of these, I say, just pick your poison. Like MAC? You need Blanc Type. Like $2 makeup? Brulee will scratch your pale beige itch on the cheap. Like excellent customer service and buying little pots of powder online? I recommend Bone. Have at it.

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I Confess

I’ve been holding out on you.

When I posted that last Fyrinnae eye of the day, I was also test-driving another product for the third time: Fyrinnae Fluff.

What is Fluff? Well, here’s what the Fyrinnae website has to say about it (I’d link to the product page, but the site appears to be having a little holiday at the moment):

“Fluff is a lightweight, transparent, multi-use pure mineral powder to soften pores and fine lines, give a soft finish after makeup application, as a mild oil-absorbing primer. Unlike pure silica powder, this lacks the airborne “flyaway” aspect. Use alone, under makeup, or as a finishing powder. The round silica acts a reflective surface, which does create a very slight glow, but there is no noticable shimmer. The Titanium dioxide is very minimal (less than 1/2%), and does not make the powder whitening. It’s “fused” with silica. Like our Powder Primer, you only need to use a very small amount, which is best applied with a flocked sponge or kabuki/powder brush.”

When I first read about Fluff, I was intrigued. Although I don’t like to wear a lot of (OK, any) makeup on my face, I am, as I’ve mentioned, starting to see some signs of aging on my skin. And I also have combination skin that gets oily in the T-zone region, something I’d hoped to leave behind after I turned 20, along with Stridex pads and Noxzema.

Now, being the feminist that I am, I don’t see anything wrong with looking older. In fact, in a weird way, I kind of enjoy the fine lines on my face. They prove that I’ve been around the block, dammit! I have experience! I wasn’t particularly good at being a kid–I took everything way too seriously, just ask my mother–nor did I really enjoy it. So as far as I’m concerned, seeing signs of, uh, MATURITY on my face just proves that I’m a grown-up now. Anyway, that said, I notice that, by the end of the day, my face seems a bit shinier and linier than it does first thing in the morning. Fluff sounded like just the thing to combat that. I’ve tested it out a few times now, so, without further ado, here’s my review!

For starters, it really is transparent. I was worried that it would be whitish and make me look ashy, like other face powders I’ve used. Nope. This looks white in the jar, but that color doesn’t transfer to my face at all. Then again, I’m a white girl, so I can’t speak to how Fluff looks on darker skin tones.

As for how well it works, it does take the shine situation down a notch. This isn’t that noticeable on a freshly washed face, but when I applied it at the end of the day, it really made a difference in the way my skin looked.

And I do think it lives up to its promise of “soften[ing] pores and fine lines”. It just makes everything look a little more … soft focus. It’s a very subtle effect, and it really doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup. (Mister Principessa didn’t notice I was wearing anything at all.) What it does, to my eye, is make my end-of-the-day skin look more like my freshly-washed-and-moisturized skin: glowy and healthy, but not sparkly or ashy.

Of course, I can blather all day, but photos tell the real story. On to the HARD PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. I took these photos at the end of the day; in the first ones, I’m wearing no makeup whatsoever, and in the second ones, I’m wearing Fluff on my face, plus eye makeup and lipstick. I did not wash my face before applying the Fluff. These are all flash photos; sorry about that. Click if you dare … I left the originals pretty big so you can get a good look.

Before Fluff:

After Fluff (I think the pore-softening effect is particularly noticeable on my cheeks here):



Am I happy with this purchase? Oh hells yes I am. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, and exactly what it claimed to do. I don’t wear foundation, and I really like the way this looks on my bare face. If you wear foundation, this won’t replace it, but if you want something to finish off your look and give your skin a very subtly glowy, airbrushed quality, Fluff just might do the trick. Nine thumbs up!

So that’s what I thought! How about you? Have you tried Fluff? Did it work with your skin tone? Anyone tried it over (or under) foundation?

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Rose Taupe-iary

Just a quick EOTD today. After all that drama and brightness over the weekend, I figured that today I’d scale it back with a nice neutral-ish eye. For my lid color, I used Entangle, an incredible metallic champagne/taupe from Aromaleigh’s Elemental Lustre collection. Seriously, these eyeshadows are amazing if you’re into metallics. You might still be able to snag some during Aromaleigh’s final clearance later this week.

In the crease, I used a sort of rosy color that I mixed myself with micas from TKB Trading. I loved it when I created it, then discovered to my horror that it’s one of those colors that, when worn on the lid, makes me look like I’ve been weeping for days. But it’s gorgeous as a crease color with Entangle, and here are the swatches to prove it! My frankencolor on the left, Entangle on the right.

Direct sun:

This next one is probably the most accurate, color-wise.


The color I mixed isn’t nearly as reddish/coppery as it looks here. It’s really pretty rosey, with a sort of taupe undertone to it.


So, here’s what we have:

  • UDPP
  • Aromaleigh Entangle on lid and under outer lower lashes
  • My frankencolor in crease
  • Urban Decay Sin to highlight
  • UD 24/7 liner in Whiskey on upper lids
  • Clinique High Impact mascara in black/brown over UD lash primer
  • Silk Naturals Kisser Slicker in Birthday Suit on lips

A note about the Kisser Slicker. The Silk Naturals website describes this product as a scented lip gloss stick. Now, it is many things–pretty, flattering, moisturizing–but a “lip gloss stick” ain’t one of them. Nor is it particularly scented, from what I can tell … I can’t discern any fragrance at all, other than the usual lipsticky one. In my opinion, it’s more like a very moisturizing sheer lipstick than a gloss. The color is wonderful, though, a sort of raisiny nude. I love it. It’s a great product, I just wouldn’t call it a lip gloss.


Natural light (check it out, I’m glowing like I opened Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase … it’s sunlight reflecting off the building next door):

So, there it is. In other exciting news, the USPS’s horrible tracking system claims that my latest Fyrinnae order is out for delivery. So you can expect more Fyrinnae madness after I get back from vacation!

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Brush-a Brush-a Brush-aaaa

Everyone who just had a flashback to the slumber party scene in Grease, raise your hand!

Today, I’d like to talk about … makeup brushes! Or rather, I’d like to shamelessly beg you for recommendations. I know that everyone’s going to say the MAC 239 and 224, which are already on my wishlist and which I may well treat myself to for my birthday.

However! As we all know, I am a big fat cheapskate! So what I’d like to know is, which are your favorite CHEAP makeup brushes? I’m most interested in eyeshadow brushes, but I’d love to hear anything you have to say on the topic!

My favorite cheapies so far are Sonia Kashuk’s, by a long shot. Specifically, the black ones, not so much the ones with the white handles. The white-handled ones are decent, especially for the price, but they seem to have more errant sticky-outy hairs that require trimming, which bugs me.

I also have a couple of Sephora brushes, which aren’t too bad. I have a few Ulta ones too, which ARE too bad. Or rather, it’s too bad I spent my money on them. ZING! They’re just awful … stiff, thin, and basically useless. They might as well be lip brushes. About the only thing I’ve found I’m able to use them for is lining under my lower lashes with shadow. That’s pretty a goddamn specific task. At least they were cheap (and BOGO free even, as I recall). And I suppose they might be good for applying concealer, which I don’t wear. Le sigh.

I’ve looked at lots of cheapies online–e.l.f., Coastal Scents, Essential Beauty Supplies [ETA: and GOSH]–but I have yet to take the plunge and buy any. And I know that some people just use paintbrushes from craft stores. So tell me … any recommendations? Any to steer clear of?

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In Which I Get All Dramatic On Your Ass

Today is Saturday, and as such, the Mister is off consorting with his BFF and BFF’s baby. Therefore, I’ve had a goodly amount of time on my hands with which to eat salt and vinegar potato chips, look at makeup at Target, and play around with the sort of eyeshadow colors that make the Mister go “… Huh! It’s, um, DARK.” I’ve been pining for a pink and black/gray eye lately, so I decided that today was the day.

For this look, I followed Leesha’s Black and Gold Glamor tutorial, although obviously I used pink rather than gold, and mine came out a bit more goth than glamorous. Which is fine. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I used to do my makeup back in my goth days, and what I’d do differently if I knew then what I know now. So this is a bit of an homage to my roots, if you will.

Click all photos to embiggen. This first one is in natural light, the rest are flash.

In her tutorial, Leesha foils a gold loose shadow onto the inner 2/3rds of her lids (that is, applies it wet mixed with a mixing medium). She then uses a matte black shadow on the outer lids and in the crease, and finally pats a silver glittery shadow over everything. I did basically the same thing, except I foiled Aromaleigh’s Jolie (a nice, sparkly, almost fuchsia pink), used a different black, and used Lisette (a lighter pink, also by Aromaleigh) as my “patting color.”

I also did a sort of winged eyeliner thing, which you can’t see super-well in these pictures. I don’t actually own black liquid eyeliner (I know! WHAT?), so I wetlined the same black eyeshadow I used in the crease with a mixing medium.


  • UDPP
  • Aromaleigh Jolie, foiled over inner 2/3rds of lids and applied dry under lower lashes
  • Urban Decay Creep on outer lids, in crease, wetlined on upper lids, and under lower lashes
  • UD Gunmetal above Creep to blend
  • Aromaleigh Lisette patted lightly over lids and into crease
  • UD Virgin to highlight
  • Silk Naturals Mixing Medium used for foiling and wetlining
  • UD 24/7 eyeliner in Zero on waterline
  • DiorShow mascara over UD lash primer
  • Sonia Kashuk Ultra Shine Sheer Lip Gloss in Luscious

Which reminds me! I think I might have found my new favorite nude lip gloss! It’s Pixi Rose Lip Treat in LipNude. I picked it up at Target this morning and I love it. I might actually have to go get a backup, in case they decide to yank it like Benefit did with The Gloss in Big Magic. Bastards.

So there you have it. Something dramatic-looking from me for once.

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Lush Update and Quick & Dirty Fyrinnae EOTD

My Lush skin care stuff arrived on Wednesday, so I’ve had a chance to use it a few times. And damned if I’m not impressed with all of it! Just as a reminder, I bought Angels on Bare Skin and 9 to 5 cleansers and Celestial moisturizer.

So far, I LOVE 9 to 5. It’s a “cleansing lotion,” which is kind of weird to me; I don’t believe I’ve ever used one before, unless Noxzema counts. It does a good job of taking off my makeup, even mascara. And shockingly, it works even better if I actually use it the way you’re supposed to, i.e., wipe it off with cotton balls or a washcloth rather than rinsing with water. Using water doesn’t work so good. It also leaves my skin really soft–none of that tight, dry, flaky feeling at all. Nice! Plus, I’m hoping I’ll be more dedicated to washing my face at night now that I’ve seen what ends up on those cotton balls. Bleah! No wonder I have cloggy pores!

Angels on Bare Skin is nice too. Weird, but nice. (I’m pretty sure someone wrote that about me in my high school yearbook, come to think of it.) It comes in this big roll thing and you pinch off a piece about the size of a pea, then mix it with water into a paste. Odd or no, it seems to work very well. It actually feels like a very mild, gentle exfoliant. But again, when I get done with it, I don’t end up with that tight feeling.

And you might have predicted this, but I’m liking Celestial too. It smells AMAZING … very nice if you’re into almondy/vanilla-y scents, which I am. It also leaves my skin really soft, and it definitely moisturizes, but it doesn’t feel greasy. Plus, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, like the last Lush moisturizer I bought, Paradise Regained (and have you seen this one? WTF???). Honestly, I think Celestial does just as good a job, and for less than half the price.

Of course, this is my very-early-stage, “I’ve been using these products for three days,” honeymoon-phase review. It’s entirely possible that in three weeks I’ll be back here going “DAMMIT! 9 to 5 is making me break out, Angels on Bare Skin has degenerated into common garden mud, and Celestial SEEMED nice at first, but I noticed that 20 bucks were missing from my purse this morning.” So no guarantees yet. But so far, so good–and my skin already feels a hell of a lot better.

And just so this whole thing isn’t a wall of text, here’s a quick & dirty Fyrinnae eye of the day! It’s sort of the lazy, everyday version of this one, using the same shades: Daemon’s Tail and Polar Bear.

Daemon’s Tail on the lid, Polar Bear in the crease. Forgive the crapness of these photos; I took them after work, about 9 hours post-makeup-application.

And some swatches, since I didn’t do any last time. With flash (DT on the left, PB on the right):

Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail and Polar Bear eyeshadow swatches

Direct sun:

Fyrinnae eyeshadow swatches, Daemon's Tail and Polar Bear

This one is, um, “blurred to show sparkles.” Also, complexity? In reality, all my direct sun photos came out blurry and this was the best of them. However, in the big version of this photo, you CAN see purple sparkles in Daemon’s Tail that I didn’t notice at all until I saw it in the sun. And THAT’s what I mean when I say that Fyrinnae shadows are complex; I’m always noticing some new nuance. Keep ya guessing, they do!

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