New Makeup Mania!

This post was really intended for yesterday. But then life intervened in the form of an ear infection for the Mister, a three-hour wait in urgent care, and another hour or so spent driving and filling prescriptions. He has learned a valuable lesson about, as the doctor put it, “not jamming shit in his ears.” Q-Tips are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY, people. Take it from us.

So after the trials and tribulations and craptastic sleep of yesterday, I thought I would take a little time today to play with my Christmas makeup some more. And what colors did I gravitate toward? Why, purples, of course!

I can’t help it! I’m exceedingly fond of purples! Especially pale, lilac-y purples like the ones I used today.


  • UDPP in Eden
  • MAC Digit all over lids
  • Urban Decay Purple Haze (the regular one, not the matte one … why they have two shadows with the same name, I’ll never understand) in crease
  • MAC Dazzlelight to highlight
  • UD 24/7 eyeliner in Rockstar on upper lids
  • Tarte multiplEYE Extend 3 mascara
  • Lorac Multiplex lip gloss in 3D

The mascara and the gloss came as part of a sampler thingy I got as a special offer from Sephora. I really like both of them. The mascara claims to be “clinically proven” to enhance lashes, and while I can’t confirm that, it does lengthen and thicken quite dramatically. I’m pretty impressed with it. And the gloss is INSANE. It’s multidimensional and incredibly glittery, but it’s definitely wearable, and the color is flattering and pretty. Plus it smells really good. It would be a nice nighttime “going out” gloss, I think. I didn’t manage to get any pictures that capture the level of sparkle or complexity. Boo on my crap photography!

Another item that came in that sampler set was Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in shade “WOW, That’s Frickin’ BRIGHT!!” I mean, shade 36. Um … I don’t really think it’s me.

It’s actually quite pretty, and surprisingly flattering considering how bright it is. It’s my first-ever MUFE product, and the formula is extremely nice. And it does coordinate well with the kick-ass Bell Jar t-shirt Jette got me for Christmas.

Too bad my necklace is flipped around in this photo. It was yet another Christmas gift, from my mom this time, and I love it. It looks more or less like this from the front, only more gray and less gold/green/whatever the hell color it seems to be reflecting here.

Ha ha! I just realized it’s reflecting my front window, curtains, and lawn.

So! Speaking of makeup, did anybody have a temporary bout of complete insanity this morning and drop $92 on the new Urban Decay 15th anniversary 24/7 eyeliner set the instant it became available online? Because, um, I may have. What? Do you think I have no self control or something? Well, you’re right! Much like Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything except temptation. Also like Oscar Wilde, I have nothing to declare but my genius, but that’s a whole other post.

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I got my first Fyrinnae order last night, and let me just tell you … it was 100% worth the wait. (Which was actually totally reasonable. I placed my order on 21 August, it shipped on the 28th, and I had it in my hot little hands on the 31st. Not bad at all.)

The eyeshadows I ordered (13 samples, $2 a pop) are AMAZING. Just stunning. Complex, incredibly textured, beautifully colored … I can’t say enough good things about them. So I won’t! There are about 450,000 stellar, gushy reviews of Fyrinnae online already, and I feel no need to reinvent that particular wheel. Just know that IT’S ALL TRUE.

I couldn’t wait to start playing with these, so I fiddled around with a bunch of them last night. I knew right away that I wanted to do a look with Daemon’s Tail, which is a burgundy-purple color that’s magically combined somehow with gold. Their site appears to be down right now, so I can’t get the description, but trust me, whatever it says about this color is accurate. It’s not purple with gold sparkles, it’s PURPLE AND GOLD COMBINED. The word that comes to mind is “brocade.” Very hard to describe, so on to the pictures! Inside, with flash:

Fyrinnae eyeshadow look with Daemon's Tail and Polar Bear

This look was inspired by the lovely and extremely talented Jangsara (second one down … hers is WAAAAAY better than mine, as she appears to actually “have talent” and “know how to take pictures”). If you’re looking for makeup inspiration, I strongly recommend that you hie your shapely behind over to her site and click around, because she knows what the hell she’s doing.

Click the rest of the photos for big versions. I left this next one HUGE to try to give some idea of how complex Daemon’s Tail is. It’s one of those things you have to see in real life to fully appreciate, unfortunately.

Outside, indirect light, no flash:

Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail and Polar Bear look in indirect sunlight

The gold color is Polar Bear, also by Fyrinnae and also very pretty. It’s one of those colors that doesn’t look like anything special in the jar, but comes to life when you apply it.

Inside, indirect light, flash:

Fyrinnae eyeshadow look, full face

Here’s the breakdown:

  • UDPP
  • Fyrinnae Daemon’s Tail all over lids, up into crease, and under outer lower lashes
  • Fyrinnae Polar Bear in inner corners and above Daemon’s Tail all across lids and up toward browbones
  • Milani Liquif’eye eyeliner in Gold on upper lids
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero on waterline
  • DiorShow mascara

With Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail and Polar Bear in indirect outside light

Oh look, a lonely half-closed eyeball, languishing in the sun.

My eye with Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail and Polar Bear eyeshadow in direct sun

So, yeah. I’m sold. You can expect a lot more blathering about Fyrinnae from me in the future. Lucky you!

ETA: The description of this color on Fyrinnae’s site says: “A rich combination of purple and gold. Not purple with gold shimmer, or vice-versa, but a velvety mix of different shades, which adds a burgundy hue in as well. Must be seen in person to appreciate–photos do no justice to this.” Yeah. That.

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Indie Cosmetics Companies I Plan to Try Out Soon

Over the course of my (admittedly excessive) blog reading, I find myself reading a lot of reviews and thinking damn … I need to order some stuff from those people! Also, those people! And perhaps them over there too! I’m especially intrigued by smaller, independent companies and Etsy sellers: while I’m not entirely averse to buying from giant corporations, I think it’s very important to stick up for the little guys. So I thought I’d write up a list of companies I plan to try out soon. Let me know if I’ve missed any good ones, and I’ll give ’em a whirl one of these days!

1. Fyrinnae, who appear to be closed for a few days at the moment. Top of the list. I’ve read SO MUCH about this company. I’ve read the sterling reviews on Makeup Alley, I’ve stalked their website, I know about the Pixie Epoxy and the dabbing their shadows on instead of swiping (unless you use aforementioned epoxy), I’ve read blog entry after blog entry about how affordable and complex and beautiful and unique their products are. So why haven’t I placed an order? Because I lack patience (and I’m sure my mother and The Mister would agree). Fyrinnae have a longer turnaround time than I’m used to, and I’m hesitant to place an order knowing that I won’t have my grubby little mitts on it for a month. But I really want to try out their stuff, so I’m going to have to suck it up and bite the bullet one of these days, to horribly mangle a metaphor. [I have actually ordered from them now. See addendum below.]

2. Detrivore. Here’s another one that looks really good to me, and I plan to try them sooner rather than later. The owner has a dark side, which I like, and there’s a wide range of pretty colors and finishes. I’ve hesitated to order because the shade descriptions on the site are pretty brief and general. I’ve also read reviews that indicate that some of the pictures on the site aren’t that representative of the colors in real life. (Just to be clear, the reviews I’ve read are pretty uniformly excellent–just occasionally a bit bewildered by the representation of the product on the site versus the product in reality.) But again, they’re affordable enough that, even if I ordered a few shadows and they didn’t turn out to be exactly what I’d expected, I wouldn’t be out much money. And they offer sample sizes: major bonus! High on my list.

3. Sobe Botanicals and Mixology Makeup, both of whom I found on Etsy. I’ve read extremely good things about both of these companies, and I’m intrigued by both of them: Sobe because they sell yummy-looking body stuff in addition to makeup, and Mixology because they carry a lot of neutrals, which I wear all the time.

4. The Body Bakery, because my love of bath and body products + my love of sugary desserty smells = I want to try this place out real bad.

5. A few more mineral makeup companies: Spell Cosmetics, Morgana Minerals, and Evil Shades. I’m especially intrigued by the last two because again, the owners are out and proud about their gothy leanings, which I love and relate to. And again, they’re all eminently affordable and well reviewed. I will try them all out in time, my pretties. In time.

Of course, there are more. BELIEVE ME, there are more. This is just the top tier. I’ll be working my way slowly through this list over the coming months, and you’ll be hearing all about it. Aren’t you lucky?

Addendum: Since I drafted this post, I’ve placed orders with Fyrinnae and Evil Shades. Remember what I said about my patience level above? Yeah, you can go ahead and add “self control” to that category as well.

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Pink Duochromes on Parade

There’s only one pink duochrome here, really, but a single pink duochrome does not a parade make, am I right?

My package from Concrete Minerals showed up today, woo hooooo! It took about three weeks to get here because of a delay in a jar shipment (boo!) and a mix-up with their supplier (double boo!) but oh, it was worth the wait! I got a few full-size eyeshadows, a few samples (including a couple of freebies to make up for the delay), and a primer.

One of the first things I discovered when I got into this eyeshadow madness is the importance of a good primer. Like most of the rest of the makeup-buying universe, I really like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but I figured that I might as well give CM’s a shot since I’m trying to move toward buying things that are handmade rather than mass produced. Plus I think that UDPP in Eden–not the regular one, thank goodness–is making my eyelids flake. But I digress!

I was so excited about these eyeshadows that I had to play with them right away. HAD TO. A couple of the ones I ended up liking most were ones that they picked out. I was particularly impressed with Wicked, which they included as a free sample and which turned out to be AMAZING. I might need a full size of it, in fact.It’s a stunning duochrome, described on their website as “bright purple with aquamarine shift.” I’m not sure how bright it is, but it sure is gorgeous! I also wanted to fiddle with White Rabbit (“pale white with a pink sheen”) and Prude (“pale shimmery pink”). White Rabbit is another duochrome-type color, somewhat sheer but very pretty, and Prude is just gorgeous–very highly pigmented and quite opaque. I think I’ll use it a lot.

First, the swatches! White Rabbit is on the left, Wicked in the middle, and Prude on the right. Click for big versions.

Outside, indirect light, no flash:

Outside, direct light, no flash:

You can see the really see the green shift/duochrome aspect to Wicked in these next two. Outside, indirect light, flash:

Inside, flash:

On to the fiddling! Here’s the details. Oh, and if anyone has any clever ways to make liquid eyeliner go on so it DOESN’T look like it was applied by an makeup newbie with shaky hands and increasingly poor vision, I’m all ears.

  • White Rabbit all over lids
  • Wicked on outer lids and in crease
  • Prude to highlight
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in the romantically named shade #864 on upper lids
  • Under it all, Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
  • Doll Eyes mascara

Inside, natural light, no flash:

Inside, flash:

I’d like to insert the standard disclaimer that these photos do NOT do justice to the colors, which are complex and beautiful and sparkly and AWESOME. Inside, natural light, no flash:

Is it just me, or do my eyes look really, really dark? See Exhibit A, above, and Exhibit B, below (outside, no flash):

This seems like a good place to mention that this entire order cost $43.17. Not bad at all for three full-size (10g jar) shadows, six very generous samples (including 2 freebies), and a primer.

There. Now THAT was fun!

Are you sick of seeing my face yet? Yes? Well, you’re in luck, because this weekend I hope to do a couple of non-my-face-related posts! Involving socks! And spring rolls! And maybe … just maybe … someone ELSE’S face!

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Look! I’m a Fairy!

Our summer has been unusually cool so far, but over the past week or so, the heat has arrived with a fierce determination to make up for being a no-show throughout June, July, and the first half of August. I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up, it was hotter than hell. I’m going to take a cool shower, so I figured as long as I’m going to wash my face anyway, why not try out some bright eyeshadow colors first? Anyone else do that? No?

I like to bust out my sample sets from Aromaleigh when I feel like messing with bright colors. (I’m not going to bother linking to their site because they’re going out of business.) I don’t really WEAR colors like this, at least in public/on my face, but I do enjoy playing with them and seeing what looks good together. Plus it’s a fun way to practice my still-fairly-crap technique. Here we have green plus pink. I feel like a fairy!

First up, eyes down with flash. This is the only shot that really gives any indication of the level of shimmer/sparkle we’re working with here. As always, click to see big versions of photos.

Man … count on a super-close-up flash photo to give a good honest look at every single fine line, scar, freckle, and incipient wrinkle you’ve accumulated over the years.

This next one shows how the colors look on my face in the natural light. I don’t generally wear pink eyeshadow because it doesn’t play nicely with my skin tone. It gives me a certain “I’ve been crying for hours and/or just got punched in the face” look.

And finally, a look at the whole shebang with my eyes closed. Here’s what I did–all four eyeshadow colors are from Aromaleigh’s les papillons collection:

Light pink (flying flower) in the inner 3rd of my eyelid
Brighter pink (flutterby) in the middle of lid
Bright, darkish green (winged psyche) on outer lid and crease
Blend blend blend!
Light, goldish green (glowing luna) up into brow and inner corner of eye
Light green eyeshadow I mixed myself wetlined (really unevenly, it seems) onto upper lids
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner on waterline (I tried gold, but I didn’t like the way it looked with these colors)
Maybelline The Falsies mascara over Urban Decay lash primer

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In Praise of Haus of Gloi Sugar Scrub

Just a quick followup to yesterday’s post because guess what, still no camera.

Used one of my sugar scrubs (Twice is Nice) from Haus of Gloi this morning in the shower and oh, holy crap. I’m going to need a full-sized one once I use up some (OK, maybe one) of my current scrubs-in-progress. I LOVE the scent. It’s sugary sweet–the description says it smells like sugar cookie, coconut, and almond–but somehow not cloying. If you’re the type of person who prefers not to walk around smelling like dessert, this is probably not the scent for you, but I LOVE scents like that, and this one is just delicious-smelling. Like, “I want to put this in my mouth” delicious.

And the scrub itself is excellent as well–coarse, but not overly so, and very moisturizing. I am something of a … let’s say, “collector” of exfoliants, and this one’s right up there with my favorite scrubs from Lush. Which, if you know my feelings about Lush, is a pretty freakin’ strong endorsement. You can feel the sugar crystals start to dissolve as you rub this in, and you’re left with delightfully scented, slightly oily skin that dries to a yummy-smelling softness. I didn’t even bother to moisturize after I got out of the shower; I could tell just by the way my skin felt that I didn’t need to. Good stuff. The scent lingered for quite a while too, which I like, and didn’t conflict with my perfume, which I really like. (Although given that my perfume lately has been Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, that wouldn’t have been a huge conflict anyway.)

So, to conclude, I used the word “love” in all-caps twice in this review. That’s how you know it’s serious. Full-sized-product serious. Awwwwww yeah.

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Look On My Blogroll, Ye Mighty …

And despair, at how very, very many products there are in the world to spend money on.

Still no camera batteries, hence still no pictures or, you know, actual content. I hope to remedy all of those things this weekend.

In the meantime, I’m going to vigorously recommend that you go check out Haus of Gloi if you’re in the mood for some high-quality yet affordable aromatic things to smear, scrub, or dab onto yourself. I ordered a few little items from them last week via the magic of the “Internet” and am enjoying them right now, even as we speak, in the comfort of my own home. They shipped at lightning speed and came nicely wrapped, with a little thank-you note. I purchased sample sizes of their lotion in Honey Tree and Satyr, their sugar scrub in Vice and Twice is Nice (with bonus unintentional rhyming!), and Depravity perfume; they also threw in a free sample of Madcap Garden perfume. I didn’t order that one first time around because I knew it would be minty, and it is, but it smells very wearable–sweet, but not too sweet, and there is definitely an undertone of tea in there. The fragrances are unique and sophisticated (you can check out their fragrance catalog here), and the lotion seems to be good quality, very smooth. Will report back on the scrubs, which I haven’t tried out yet.

I’d also like to note that their sample sizes are quite generous (this would be a great place for a photo, don’t you think? Well, TS!). The one-ounce scrubs will last for at least two trips through the shower, longer if you just used them on your hands or something, and the two-ounce lotions would be the perfect size to keep on your desk at work. I know, because I have about 7 different lotions on my desk at work.

This, incidentally, is an EXCELLENT way to have a little splurge if you’re short on cash: do your research on Etsy sellers, and become a fan of samples! Lots and lots of indie beauty-product companies and Etsy sellers provide samples, and they’re definitely worth looking into. After reading a very positive review of Haus of Gloi on Le Gothique, I wanted to try out their stuff for myself without blowing a bunch of money in case I didn’t like it, and I got those five samples for $17.25, shipping included. I’m 100% impressed and would order from them again in a heartbeat. Gives a person that “Oh, I did something nice for myself” smug warm fuzzy feeling, made even smugger by the fact that it cost under $20. Success!

Postscript: I put on Depravity as soon as I got it out of the box. I think I love it. Better stock up, since something weird seems to be going on with their supplier

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