Smoke On My Eyelids

You remember that old song by Deep Purple, right? “Smooooooke on my eeeeeeeeyeliiiiiiiiids …” Or something like that. I don’t remember exactly how it went.

Anyway! Today’s simple, subtly smoky look is brought to you by Fyrinnae Leshii, a rather dark, shimmery, gray-lilac. I wasn’t sure about this shade at first; when I swatched it, I found it sort of dull but sparkly, a weird combination. But I should have known better than to doubt the wizards at Fyrinnae. It turns out that this shade requires a sticky primer (such as the one by Concrete Minerals, or Fyrinnae’s own Pixie Epoxy) to bring out its true beauty. It’s dark enough to be dramatic, but still wearable, with some interesting multicolored shimmer and sparkle going on (turquoise and copper, according to the product description). It reminds me of charcoal and ashes, but purple.

In direct sunlight–click this first one to make HUGE for maximum turquoise-and-copper sparkly goodness:


I used Valhalla and Moon Child as the crease and highlight colors, respectively. Two things: One, these shades are incredible together. And two, Valhalla is one of those Fyrinnae shape-shifters. It looks like your standard pale lilac/lavender in the jar, but transforms as if by magic when you put it on, revealing a pink tone that is NOWHERE to be seen when it’s just hanging out in its little container. (French Vanilla Shake is another one that does this: it looks unassuming, even boring, in the jar, and comes to life when you apply it.)

In indirect natural light, indoors:

Product breakdown:

  • Concrete Minerals primer
  • Fyrinnae Leshii all over lids, up to crease
  • Fyrinnae Valhalla blended into Leshii into and above crease
  • Fyrinnae Moon Child to highlight
  • DiorShow mascara
  • Urban Decay lip gloss in Love Junkie, as usual

And just for fun, one flash photo:

Forgive my weird face and semi-wet hair here:

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Bright Idea!

Having sated my longing for drama with the pink smokey eye, today I decided to try out this whole “bright colors” thing I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m not a huge wearer of bright colors (as you might have noticed), but I recently bought a couple that I wanted to play with–namely, We’re All Mad Here, a chartreusey green from Fyrinnae, and Juvenile, a bright greenish yellow from Concrete Minerals. (Actually, that one was a free sample, but I THOUGHT about buying it, and it’s the thought that counts.)

As always, click photos for big versions, because I KNOW you want a better look at my spider plant.

I was inspired to some degree by Marianne’s post about bright colors, although she put her yellow color on the lid and the green above it (I did the opposite). I was enjoying the yellowy greenness of it all, but I wanted to throw some purple in there, so I added Herbivore, a purple Fyrinnae shadow with green shimmer, under my lower lashes. I also wanted to see how Herbivore looked with We’re All Mad Here, because I suspected they might be great together, and I think they are. Take a look at the swatches and let me know if you agree!

Swatch notes: First one is in indirect natural light, second one is in direct sunlight, third one is with the flash. Also, let us consider the black line to be the Maxon-Dixon Line of the back of my hand. The northern states are armed with nothing but Urban Decay Primer Potion, whereas the southern states also have the benefit of Pixie Epoxy. And yet they STILL managed to lose the war. (KIDDING!)

We’re All Mad Here on the left, Herbivore in the middle, Juvenile on the right.

These photos, as usual, don’t do justice to the colors in real life. You can’t really see the green in Herbivore at all. But trust me … it’s there, and it looks really freaking cool next to We’re All Mad Here.


No flash, indirect outdoor light:

With flash:

Product breakdown!

  • UDPP
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on lids
  • Fyrinnae We’re All Mad Here on lids and into crease
  • Concrete Minerals Juvenile in and above crease
  • Concrete Minerals White Rabbit to highlight
  • Fyrinnae Herbivore under lower lashes (over Pixie Epoxy)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero on top lid and waterine
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara over UDPP
  • On lips: Bishop’s Violet mica from TKB Trading mixed with clear gloss from Victoria’s Secret

This was a lot of fun to put together. And the Mister liked it, which shocked the hell out of me. Two thumbs up!

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Concrete Brunette

As you might have noticed, I’m pretty much a neutrals kind of gal in terms of makeup. (Don’t know when that happened; as I’ve mentioned before, I was quite the goth in high school. “Neutral” was not my look.) I’d like to branch out, though, and part of why I started this blog was to track my little experiments and gather photographic evidence of what works on me and what doesn’t. Last night, I was inspired (largely by Jette’s guest post from the other day) to try out a light, pastel-y two-color look.

I hauled out a couple of gorgeous sparkly colors from Concrete Minerals that I hadn’t really played around with yet: Daydream (“shimmery baby blue”) and Detox (“seafoam green with silver sparkle”). So let’s have a look-see!

First, the swatches. This first photo was taken outside, although I unfortunately couldn’t take photos in direct sunlight, because there was no such thing as direct sunlight in Long Beach yesterday. Daydream on the left, Detox on the right.

Inside with flash:

As you can see, these two colors are both pastels, but they’re quite different in terms of texture, opacity, and finish. I loved Daydream, which is shimmery and fairly opaque. Detox is more of a matte with sparkle, and it’s rather sheer; I had to pack it on quite a bit to get it as opaque as I wanted it.

And now, the look. I present to you … CONCRETE BRUNETTE!!! Not as catchy as Concrete Blonde, but significantly more accurate.

Whatever is going on under my eyes in this next one looks weeeeeeiiiirrrd. I think it’s the lack of eyeliner on the waterline. Creepy!

Here’s the product breakdown:

  • UDPP Eden (I like this a lot for light and/or matte looks because it’s both)
  • High Voltage Backstage Pass on inner 3rds of lids, inner corners, and to highlight
  • Concrete Minerals Daydream all over lids and under lower lashes
  • Concrete Minerals Detox in and above crease
  • NYX Doll Eyes Long Lash mascara over Urban Decay Lash Primer
  • NYX brow powder and wax
  • Milani lipstick in Cocoa Sugar

A few notes: One, after I did this look, I remembered why I hardly ever use that mascara … it takes approximately one thousand hours to dry completely. Two, that lipstick is moisturizing! My lips were slighly dry when I put it on, and they softened right up after a couple of minutes. Impressive! And three, I considered using black eyeliner on my upper lids and waterline; I think it would have been nice, but it would have made it a bit more conventional looking and I was rather enjoying the oddness of how it looked without any eyeliner at all. Crazy eyes!

Outside, natural light:

Inside with flash:

And one out-the-back-door shot, natural light:

Overall, I liked this look, although it did seem to accentuate the bags under my eyes; again, I think this was because of the lack of eyeliner. So, I have learned that pale eyeshadow + no eyeliner gives me crazy eyes. Not a bad thing if that’s what you’re going for, I guess.

If I had it to do over, I think I’d have either left the under-eye area alone entirely or added eyeliner on upper lids and waterline. And I do wish Detox had been a little more opaque.

Whew! All this “branching out” takes it out of a person. Tomorrow, I’m thinking I might fall back into the waiting arms of my beloved neutrals and do a Naked palette look, as required by law for anyone who blogs about makeup.

Mmmmm, Naked palette. I really do love that goddamn thing.

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