Decisions, Decisions

Here, my friends, is the question. Do I leave my makeup in its current home:

Or do I relocate it to fancy new digs?

Yes, Vintage Train Case the Second has landed. And now I am torn. Torn between two loves. Do I stay with Old Reliable, my first, handsome, dark, and classic, or do I allow myself to be carried away by this newcomer, with its charm, sunny disposition, and vague smell of hotel soap?

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Brush-a Brush-a Brush-aaaa

Everyone who just had a flashback to the slumber party scene in Grease, raise your hand!

Today, I’d like to talk about … makeup brushes! Or rather, I’d like to shamelessly beg you for recommendations. I know that everyone’s going to say the MAC 239 and 224, which are already on my wishlist and which I may well treat myself to for my birthday.

However! As we all know, I am a big fat cheapskate! So what I’d like to know is, which are your favorite CHEAP makeup brushes? I’m most interested in eyeshadow brushes, but I’d love to hear anything you have to say on the topic!

My favorite cheapies so far are Sonia Kashuk’s, by a long shot. Specifically, the black ones, not so much the ones with the white handles. The white-handled ones are decent, especially for the price, but they seem to have more errant sticky-outy hairs that require trimming, which bugs me.

I also have a couple of Sephora brushes, which aren’t too bad. I have a few Ulta ones too, which ARE too bad. Or rather, it’s too bad I spent my money on them. ZING! They’re just awful … stiff, thin, and basically useless. They might as well be lip brushes. About the only thing I’ve found I’m able to use them for is lining under my lower lashes with shadow. That’s pretty a goddamn specific task. At least they were cheap (and BOGO free even, as I recall). And I suppose they might be good for applying concealer, which I don’t wear. Le sigh.

I’ve looked at lots of cheapies online–e.l.f., Coastal Scents, Essential Beauty Supplies [ETA: and GOSH]–but I have yet to take the plunge and buy any. And I know that some people just use paintbrushes from craft stores. So tell me … any recommendations? Any to steer clear of?

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In Which I Ask Your Sage Advice

Skin care! Who cares?

OK, so perhaps that’s not a great attitude toward this topic, but I have historically not given much of a crap about my skin. Oh sure, it was the bane of my existence during The Acne Years, leading to a hideous concealer-makeup-breakout-more concealer-more breakouts cycle. But since it cleared up, I haven’t really given it much thought. I haven’t worn any type of face makeup (foundation, powder, what have you) in years, and my skin care routine goes something like this:


  1. Wash face with Dove soap.
  2. Moisturize with moisturizer from Target. I believe it’s Neutrogena.


  1. Maybe remove eye makeup if not too tired. (Yes, yes, I know. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwww. AND WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE PILLOWCASES???)
  2. Ingest birth control pill.

Not joking on that last one. It will clear your skin RIGHT UP.

Anyway, it appears that I have reached the age where the phrase “fine lines and wrinkles” has real meaning in my life. I also have combination skin, and it’s been pulling some crazy crap lately. Insane flaky dryness surrounding one (1) nostril! Renegade clogged pore on left cheek! Series of horizontal lines across forehead! Increased pinkness and general sensitivity! Of course, it’s entirely possible that the recent increase in the number of close-up flash photos I’m taking of my face has just made me notice these things more. At any rate, it turns out that I’m not quite as happy with my skin as I thought I was.

So! Tell me about your skin care routines! What should I be doing that I’m not? Any product recommendations? Help me to help myself! I am counting on you to FIX MY FACE!

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