Presenting Mister Charcoal

Just when it seemed that the Matter of the Train Case was settled, a dark horse appeared out of nowhere.

While I was on vacation, the wily and elusive Train Case the First finally arrived, a mere 43 days after I ordered it. To make a long story shorter, the seller shipped it in a timely manner, but it apparently languished at my local post office for about a month. Not until it was stamped FINAL NOTICE did our intrepid mail carrier muster up the wherewithal to attempt to deliver it, supposedly for the second time, although we never received a first delivery attempt notice and nobody could manage to find it when I went to the PO in person to see if it was there.

No matter. It was absolutely, positively worth the wait. I mean, check out the interior!

It’s practically pristine! It looks like it’s barely been used. AND, it’s that grayed-out lavender color with which I am obsessed lately.

The payer-attentioners among you might have noticed a little something on top of Mister Charcoal in that first picture. Yes, friends, it’s the original key, shiny as the day it was forged by … whoever did that sort of thing for American Tourister in the 1960s. This little fella completes the Holy Triumvirate of Vintage Train Casery: original mirror, tray, and key.

And this wasn’t the only package I had waiting for me when I got home. I also had a little something from my beloved Fyrinnae. I knew immediately what I had to do. It was clearly fate. It was DESTINY.

(I transferred the rest of my eyeshadows into Old Faithful Brownie, who now resides in a much more high-profile location on the coffee table in the living room.)

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Votes are currently split 50/50 on the train case situation. HOWEVER. One additional vote in favor of Brownie came in via Twitter, so that tips the scales in favor of keeping my makeup where it is, at least for now. And that’s good, because this is also the lazy option, which I tend to favor in general. Thanks to everyone for your input! And lest you think that Colonel Mustard is sitting in a corner somewhere, gathering glittery dust and sobbing quietly over his Least Favored Train Case status, please know that I have filled him up with perfumes and about half my lotion collection. Oughta take care of that soap smell right quick.

In other news, I’m leaving on vacation in the morning, so posts might be few and far between for a week and a half or so. But I’ve got lots of ideas stirring for when I get back, involving Detrivore, more Fyrinnae, and cheap brush comparisons, plus a Makeup Showdown or two, which I haven’t done in a while. So, as Poochie would say … Catch ya on the flipside, dudemeisters!

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Decisions, Decisions

Here, my friends, is the question. Do I leave my makeup in its current home:

Or do I relocate it to fancy new digs?

Yes, Vintage Train Case the Second has landed. And now I am torn. Torn between two loves. Do I stay with Old Reliable, my first, handsome, dark, and classic, or do I allow myself to be carried away by this newcomer, with its charm, sunny disposition, and vague smell of hotel soap?

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I Gotta Get Organizized

Travis Bickle FTW!

As promised, I spent a bit of time last night transferring makeup from its old home (a drawer) to its new home (the first of two vintage train cases I’ve bought over the past couple of weeks. Actually, the second of three, but we shan’t discuss the one that went missing in the mail because it makes me very very cranky). Let’s take one more look at that “before” picture (click to embiggen):

You can see that this situation was pretty untenable. Obviously, I’m not going to stop buying makeup anytime soon, so there’s that. Also, the new stuff was starting to bury the old stuff, so it wasn’t getting used.

For instance, see the Naked palette there to the right of the wire organizer? You can juuuuust barely make it out, since it’s covered with other crap. I’ve used that thing like three times! I LOVE that palette! I want to use it! But I’m not likely to if I have to dig it out from under what appear to be 2 MAC pigments, a MAC eyeshadow, an NYX brow powder thing, and an NYX eyeshadow trio.

So. The goal here was to make all my stuff accessible, and to spread it out a bit so my budding collection has room to grow. I’m not fussy about things like organizing by color, although I did my best to keep things from the same brand together.

Here’s what we have now. In the bottom of the train case, I stuck my teeny Urban Decay and MAC collections, along with quite a few of my drugstore items and a pink case that holds brushes I don’t use very often.

In the tray, I put some of my mineral eyeshadows (Fyrinnae, Concrete Minerals, High Voltage, and Evil Shades), plus primers, samples, and my brushes.

I LOVE the brushes bit. It’s hard to see in the photo, but there’s a sort of divot in the divider in the middle of the tray. I have no idea what was originally intended to go there, but it works perfectly for holding brushes! You can see it better in the big version. Clicky clicky!

And in that drawer, I left some more mineral stuff, plus a few of the eyeshadows I’ve mixed myself, a couple of my loose NYX eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, and some other random things.

Um, I may have taken advantage of Aromaleigh’s 35% off deal. Twice. And willya lookit that! Naked palette, well within reach! Why, I might even USE it one of these days!

Man, this has been a text-heavy, makeup-pictures-light week, hasn’t it? Back to the purties tomorrow, I swear!

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I Was Wrong

My Lush stuff did NOT arrive today. But something else did.

Let’s just get it out of the way right up front: I have organizational “issues.” I’m a lot better about this than I used to be, but still, things can get a little nuts. And my makeup drawer is no exception. Since the inflow of makeup shows no signs of abating, something needs to be done, and done quickly.

Let’s get one MORE thing out of the way: I like old stuff. Kitschy old stuff, preferably, but any old stuff will do. I especially like old box-type things: old tins, old lunch boxes, old bread boxes, old box-like items of all stripes.

So, if the disease is organizational difficulties + too much makeup (and more on the way at all times) + love of old boxy things, clearly the cure is:

Vintage train case!

I’m going to spend my evening cleaning it up–it’s a little dusty–and then transferring this:

into its new home. (Go ahead, click that photo! I left it really big, because who doesn’t like to virtually poke through someone else’s makeup stash?) I’ll take pictures of everything and post a “before and after” tomorrow.

Incidentally, another vintage train case in a different style is winging its way to my apartment as we speak, because if there’s anything I like better than old boxy things, it’s COLLECTIONS of old boxy things.

We’re gonna need a bigger bathroom.

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