Cuteness Times Two

It’s been quite a week, ladies and gents. My work has gone batshit insane (in a basically good but stressful way), and it will probably get even crazier in the weeks to come. So posting might be kind of spotty.

I have two random and extremely adorable items to discuss today. One is the interesting thing I noticed about some bread the Mister was making sandwiches out of the other day.

We had to eat it before it ate all the lettuce. It was a Sandwich Showdown. Seriously, though … Cutest. Bread. Ever.

And speaking of cute, it’s apparently turned chilly at night again. You know how I can tell?

Yeah. Because of that.

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  1. Awww! Bunny bread! 😀 Also, I love it when kitties execute the blanket snuggle. Your cat looks so happy. ^_^

    • She LOVES the sleeping bag for some reason. Maybe a combination of the warmness and the noise it makes …

  2. That bread is too cute! How random! And your kitty looks so cozy!

  3. Cute! I want bunny bread.

    • I think it was a one-time deal, unfortunately!

  4. Spoiled kitteh….and the bread is pretty cute – eye in the right place and everything…..what are the odds??!!

    • I knoooooowwww! : O You couldn’t make that happen if you tried!

  5. Overload on adorable! I love the picture of the snuggly Piglet. 🙂

    • Yes, her cuteness offsets the evil just enough that I don’t sell her on eBay.

      • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – I tell the pugs sometimes that I’m going to roast them and have them for dinner if they don’t behave. I don’t think they believe me. But I imagine they probably taste like sausage.

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