In Which I Advise People Searching For Things

Once again, I have been trolling through the search terms that brought people to my blog over the past week. And once again, I have found myself wondering if those people found what they were looking for. I thought that today, I’d address some of these searches head-on and see if I can clear a few things up.

eshakti. It’s good, you’ll like it. Order some dresses. But I warn you, eShakti clothes are like Pringles. Once you pop, you can’t stop.

lop cookie. Sorry, can’t help ya!

whisky urban decay bourbon comparsion. I actually did this! Long story short: Whiskey appears to be Bourbon without the glitter.

boobs fit shirt. Can’t help you either, I’m afraid. Boobs not fit shirt, ever. Boobs fit knit shirt only. Very frustrating for Principessa. Principessa only wear t-shirt and cardigan. Never nice, crisp, professional button-down shirt. At least not with all buttons buttoned up.

wet n wild color icon eyeshadow single brulee. An outstanding drugstore choice. Dupe for MAC Blanc Type. Buy it.

stairs profile. I have drawn a diagram in Paint to illustrate this.

Hope that helps!

flapper makeup. This may or may not be somewhat reminiscent of flapper makeup, depending on whom you ask. Proceed at your own risk.

old fashioned hard cosmetic train case. One word: ETSY.

cool scarf pattern free black yarn: One word: RAVELRY. Also, if you get that “free black yarn” thing sorted out, come back here and hook me up.

too fat for that outfit. THIS PERSON IS ON TO ME. Quick! My vertically striped muumuu, distracting jewelry, and oversized handbag!

cq nail polish vintage gray. A nice, non-purple-leaning, pale gray. Sort of putty-ish. I like it a lot.

how to wear a pi shawl. So many options!

grassa. It means “fat” in Italian. Mystery solved!

jogging fat acceptance. The two are compatible. I promise.

how to get noel fielding hair. Well, you see, it’s your basic back-combed structure, slightly root-boosted and framing a cheeky fringe. Oh, wait, that’s Vince Noir hair. But is there a difference?

taupe nail polish. I recommend Sephora by OPI Metro Chic.

haus of gloi “didn’t like”. You may have come to the wrong place. Around here, haus of gloi “did like”. “Did like” quite a bit.

principessa rhinestone black t shirt. Fetch me my Bedazzler, for I have had … an inspiration!

flapper hat: It’s called a “cloche,” which is French for “flapper hat.”

drool homer and homer drool. These two warm the cockles of my heart. Whatever the fuck that means.

principessa grassa. I LOVE it when people search for me by name.

kombu. Come on, Mary. Don’t fear the seaweed.

urban decay 24 7 15. ONE OF US … ONE OF US … ONE OF US …

how to wear midnight cowboy eyeliner. I wear it on my upper lids. That probably makes me a weirdo, but I like the way it looks, so I don’t care.

turkey roast beef sandwich. Mmmmm … sandwich …

I mean, “drool homer”. I mean, “homer drool”.

dupe for mac blanc type eyeshadow. As mentioned above … Wet ‘n’ Wild Brulee, baby! Get you some!

lush skincare routine. Angels on Bare Skin or Buche de Noel cleanser + Celestial moisturizer. My skin’s never been happier.

wet and puffy. OK, seriously? This is the second time someone has found my blog using this search term. Which post of mine involves these two ideas? (Note to self: check to see if I wrote about taking baths during PMS week at some point.)

barefoot. As much as possible!

what are those boots that people wear over riding boots? I have no idea. That sounds like a lot of boots to wear at one time.

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  1. Lol…you amuse me. WHat are you using to find this out?

    • It’s one of the lovely services provided by WordPress’ “Site Stats” analytics. It’s pretty awesome, actually!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by E, Principessa Grassa. Principessa Grassa said: New post! I've clearly gone off the rails with the whole "search terms" thing. […]

  3. Hahahaha – I’m sure one of those “principessa grassa” people was me, searching for your blog at my parents’ house!

    • That’s awesome! I think it’s usually probably people I know, but I still think it’s funny! 🙂

  4. Brooke, my girl, you make your Mommie laugh, too! Don’t think I read about the taking a bath during PMS week!! So who knows how that person wound up with your blog!

    • Well then, I shall have to write that post, shan’t I?

  5. LOL at boobs fit shirt and homer drool. And rhinestone tee shirt XD you are so funny

  6. I will forever love you for that Vince Noir quote.

    • I watch WAY too much Mighty Boosh. WAY too much.

      • You hush! There’s no such thing.

  7. Again I would like to commend your website for it’s helpful customer centered attitude.
    To help out here i a recipe for a lop cookie:
    1 bushel of baby rabbits
    20 lbs flour………..

    Just kidding that’s disgusting. But it intrigued me enough to repeat the lop cookie search. (not that exciting) but just searching “lop” led me to the following happy revelations
    Lords of Pain (meh wrestling, they’re no G.L.O.W)
    A desire to trim something
    A (happy or disturbing) gated community in CA “offering an active lifestyle in a gorgeous environment”
    Dead french politician (not good for making cookies)
    And the winner: LOPNOUR, a lovely word and an obscure language from china.
    THanks Principessa, for the edutainment this morning. Yay.

    • Mmmmm … mashed rabbit … Who knew that there were so many varieties of lop in the world??

  8. The boots people wear over riding boots are probably half-chaps :-).

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