Weekend Foodery

The Mister decided we needed to make bagels this weekend. We prepared the dough on Friday night, and Saturday morning, we boiled and baked them up. The recipe makes 10 bagels. This is how many were left by Sunday evening.

THEY WERE GOOD. Ugly, but good. The recipe we use is by Lauren Groveman. It’s included in the book Baking with Julia, but you can find it on Lauren’s website as well. Homemade bagels are fiddly, but totally worth the several steps and 2-3 hours it takes to make them. Highly recommended if you have the time and inclination.

Then Sunday night, I decided to try out a vegan recipe that I’ve had my eye on for some time now: potato-kale enchiladas from Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Romero. I’ve said this before, but if you’re in the market for tasty, accessible, healthy vegan food, Isa Chandra Moskowitz is your woman.

This turned out to be another fiddly, multi-step recipe. First, I roasted some pasilla chiles in the oven.

These got blended with sauteed onions, canned tomatoes, and seasonings to create the enchilada sauce.

The filling was made from a combination of potatoes and kale. We used red kale, which worked like a charm. I love red kale. It makes excellent kale chips too.

The filling also included some seasonings, and one ingredient that I found somewhat surprising.

Toasted, chopped pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Interesting, no? They added a really unique flavor and texture to the dish.

Nice-looking ingredients, eh?

Once the sauce and filling were ready, the Mister and I formed an assembly line. He heated and sauced the tortillas, and I filled and rolled the enchiladas.

They were delicious, although I confess that I de-veganed mine by eating them with dairy sour cream. The Mister put vegan cheese on his. We’ll definitely be making them again.

To conclude: Here is a picture of the cat being shaped like a ball.

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  1. Looking tasty! I never would have thought about roasted pumpkin seeds in enchiladas! (The cat was obviously having a meditative moment!)

    • Me neither, but they worked really well!

  2. Yum! Looks very tasty! (The enchiladas, not the cat ball.)

  3. The food. It looks so yummy. I’ve never been very sure about all of these young whipersnappers and this whole vegan thing, but if it gets people to make delicious things, well, I guess it’s alright. May have to branch out a bit and try yer recipe. Bagels look delicious too. K has been cutting down the bagel making time by using the bread machine to do the mixing and kneading. Goes pretty fast then, she pulls the dough out for a quick boil, roll in something tasty, and bake.

    • Bread machine … that’s a good idea! We use a Kitchenaid mixer to do the mixing and kneading parts, which helps a lot. Still a fiddly process though!

  4. Ooooh, I definitely need to get the Veganomicon. How do you make kale chips, though? It looks pretty leafy…

    • Mmmmmm, kale chips! You just tear the kale apart into bite-sized-ish pieces (remove the big center ribs), toss them with olive oil and whatever seasonings you like–curry is AMAZING–and roast them in a fairly slow oven (say, 300-325 degrees F) until they’re crispy. I can put massive amounts of kale chips away in a very short amount of time! I find that red kale works the best … it’s a bit tougher than, say, dinosaur kale.

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