Some Of You Have Come To The Right Place

It seems that the more entries I post, the more entertaining the search terms that lead people to my blog become. The following recently used terms reflect my life and activities fairly accurately. Funny or sad?

  • “short and chubby” pics
  • i wear old navy
  • purple skirt
  • pink yarn
  • urban decay 15th anniversary 24/7
  • tiny kitchen
  • huge domestic cat

The following terms, however? Not so much.

  • the treacle people cow (um … what?)
  • tiny pore skin divot (see above)
  • last night it was so cold (HOW COLD WAS IT?)
  • lopsided boobs (hey, it was only that one picture, OK???)
  • fyrinnae velveet vampire (this is what happens when independent cosmetics companies meet the undead, and also processed cheese)
  • woman eyes down (that better not be a command, buddy)
  • alice in wonderland kitchen (this is an OUTSTANDING idea)
  • drawing on the right side of the brain shadow (the day my brain casts a shadow is a day I’ve got problems beyond search terms)
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  1. Thanks for my giggles for the day, sweetie! 🙂

    • Don’t thank me, thank people who search for oddball things on the Interwebs 😛

  2. That’s hilarious – my favorite is the treacle people cow. Hmmmm. What COULD they have been looking for? Oh, and the funny thing is now that you’ve posted on this, people looking for treacle people cows and Alice in Wonderland kitchens will actually find content on it! PS Sign me up for an Alice in Wonderland kitchen!

    • I did a quick Google search, and it seems to have something to do with a cancelled British TV show for children …

  3. I think “huge domestic cat” is my favorite. Could be cute or naughty, depending.

  4. Ohmygoodness.. Those are too funny! I just choked on my water reading this! I wonder if “Huge Domestic Cat” is some kind of obscure fetish..?

    • Don’t know, don’t want to know 😛

  5. Oh and to the individuals looking for “Short and Chubby” and “Lopsided boobs”…thank goodness y’all are out there. lol!!

    • Hey, there’s somebody out there for everybody, OK? 😀

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