New Year, New Chopsticks

As required by law, the Mister and I had sushi (well, sashimi) for our New Year’s Day dinner.

We have sashimi pretty much every New Year’s Day, and it was extra fun this year because we got to try out a few sushi-related gifty items that we got for Christmas. Such as the pickle dishes and doggy chopstick rest from my sister.

How cute is that? I failed to take pictures of the pickle dishes before we slapped a bunch of pickles onto them. Believe me when I say that they are also very cute; one of them has bunnies, and the other one has a cat.

We also got to mix up our own wasabi from the Penzeys wasabi powder my mom got us. It was very, very good. I’ve been disappointed by powdered wasabi in the past, but this stuff is amazing. Hot, but not too hot, flavorful, and not gritty at all. Highly recommended. Oh, and it’s not dyed bright green like most wasabi is either.

And finally, we both got to bust out our fancy chopsticks. I opted for my Mr. Gently chopsticks, which were a gift from the Mister’s sister some years ago. They have the following information on them: “Mr. Gently. He is my best friend. He is gentle manner and heart.” Plus, they have a cat! Wearing a suit!

And, the piece de resistance:

Light saber chopsticks, Yoda flavored, from Think Geek, Christmas gift to the Mister from me. Light saber noises were made at dinner, and there was a reference to “the dark side.” I can see that these are going to have to be used sparingly.

I hope that you had a fantastic New Year’s too, and here’s to a happy, healthy 2011!

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  1. My brother totally showed me his red version of the light sabre chopsticks when I was visiting this year. He also has a USS Enterprise bottle opener…

    Do you make your own sushi?

    • We do! But we don’t really ever make rolls or anything (we make tuna boats once in a blue moon, but that’s about it!). There’s not a lot to it when all you really do is slice fish!

      And that bottle opener sounds pretty amazing! I’ve seen the USS Enterprise pizza cutter …

  2. I need to get me a pair of those lightsaber chopsticks!

    • They were a big hit around our place! 😛

  3. Glad the wasabi powder is good….I think Penzeys is one of my new fun places to visit! Please do take some photos of the pickle dishes….I never got a chance to see them!

    • I will, one of these days! And the wasabi powder gives me high hopes for the rest of the Penzeys stuff we got for Xmas!

  4. I can’t get past the picture in my head of the Mister making light saber noises with the chopsticks. Heh heh heh. 🙂

  5. Sushi for New Year’s is the best idea ever. And I think I like the Mr. Gently chopsticks even better than the lightsaber ones. (And I think that means I have to turn in my geek card for an official Crazy Cat Lady one.)

    • We always do sushi on New Year’s. The Mister talks about it like it’s some grand old Japanese tradition, which may or may not be the case. Crazy Cat Ladies FTW!!! 😀

  6. Total cuteness!
    I’ll check out that wasabi powder. I’ve been disappointed by powders too. I’m lazy and usually buy the stuff in the tube. My current obsession, is wasabi oil. So versatile, gives everything a kick! I like to make a “dipp’n sauce” with the wasabi oil and rice wine vinegar, and nori flakes to dip sweet potato wedges in.

    • I recommend Penzeys really highly! Oooh, wasabi oil sounds intriguing, and your dipping sauce sounds delicious!

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