Dork In Boots

Happily, it stopped raining today for exactly the amount of time it took for me to drive home from work and then have Mister Principessa take a few pictures of my outfit.

Admittedly, the outfit isn’t all that spectacular. Dress you’ve seen before, scarf you’ve seen before, generic Old Navy t-shirt, uninspired Gap cardigan. What I really wanted to show you is these:

They’re the Carrie riding boots from Torrid. They were an early Christmas present from my mom, and they arrived just in time for me to wear them through one of the craziest, longest-lingering rainstorms southern California has seen in years. They’re warm and comfy, and I like them a lot. The zipper and buckle give them just a bit of an edge, but not enough to make them inappropriate for work–at least not for my fairly casual office.

(A side note on fit, in case you’re looking at buying these: I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe, so I waffled for a while between the size 8 and the size 9. My calves are somewhere between 17 and 18 inches, and the Torrid website says that these boots, at a size 9, should fit a 17.8″ calf. So I opted for the 9. They’re slightly big on me, both in the foot and in the leg, which leaves just enough room for me to slap a pair of thick handknit socks under them.)

So yeah, it’s raining like mad in southern CA at the moment. The first crazy storm has moved out, and the second one (which might bring thunderstorms and–joy of joys–hail) is in the process of moving in. The tree out front dripped on me as I stood posing for photos.

Also, I don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks funny.

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  1. You kind of look like you’re doing a jig. 🙂 Love the outfit, though, and perfect for a moody rainy wintery day! I also like those boots…boot envy.

    • Perhaps it is a jig situation. Who can say?

      • You could be about to do the bang bang dance. Which, I’m told, is something on “How I Met Your Mother,” but instead of sending you a clip of that, I’m going to send you a clip of the Avalanche players doing it. 🙂

  2. Love the boots! The dress is cute too! And hope you don’t get washed away! I hear there is some crazy weather going on in California!

    • Thank you! Yeah, the weather is nuts! Supposed to calm down tomorrow, though. FINALLY.

  3. Love the outfit, and especially those boots!!!

    • Thank yoooou! 🙂 I’m loving the boots.

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