Some Friday Blathering

Item Number One. It is raining out. This makes me extra glad that I took this particular day off. I’m sitting in the living room, cat and coffee by my side, down blanket on my lap, pretty much marinating in my own smugness.

Item Number Two. The rain situation also makes me glad that I opted to go outdoors and take sock progress photos yesterday instead of waiting until today. It’s further along than this now, but you get the general idea.

This is the front:

And this is the back:

I went ahead and put a glaring mistake in there too, just to get that out of the way. The flawed sock looked so happy in the sunshine that I was almost sad to bring it in.

Item Number Three. I really, really should have wrapped my Christmas presents to myself. I didn’t, and as a result, I have a Sephora box and an Urban Decay box just SITTING there on my coffee table, taunting me. They’ll get what’s coming to them in about a week. Oh yes, they will.

Item Number Four. Robot Cat attempts to hide from the vacuum cleaner, but her eyeballs give her away every time.

Item Number Five. Thanks to my mom and her provision of a “gift certificate,” I have ordered knee-high boots. Details and pictures to follow.

Item Number Five Point Five. Just an FYI. My mom comments on my blog, but rather than identifying herself as MY mom, she identifies herself as the DOG’s mom.

Item Number Six. I had no idea people would feel so strongly about my haircut! Thanks for all the opinions and input … makes me feel a little more confident about wearing my hair straight and bangs down!

Item Number Seven. I was thinking about doing a “skin care update” post, now that I’ve been using various Lush products for a few months. Anyone interested?

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  1. After a certain amount of “glaring”, I do not seem to be able to find the “glaring” error in the sock! Apparently, it is not quite as glaring as a knitting nerd might think! 🙂

    Apparently, my cover is blown… more supposed anonymity for Pepper’sMom…..damn!

    • Well, it’s pretty dang obvious to me! I’ll show you where it is if you really want to know. 🙂

  2. Did I mention that these socks are going to be AMAZING???!!

    • Well, I am glad you think so, since they’re destined for YOUR feet!

  3. Those socks are freaking sweet. I see no errors.

    I would love to see a skin product update; I’ve never used any Lush products, so it would be nice to hear about them from another blogger.

    • I’ll post one, then! And there’s totally a mistake on the sock. Maybe I’ll post that too! 😛

  4. Maybe you should post a photo of the socks with circles and arrows by the error. That might tip us all off. 😉

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