Dress And A Haircut

Twooooooo … biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits!

I’m taking today and tomorrow off work, so I decided to take advantage of my long weekend and get a damn haircut. Here is a rare look at me with A) my bangs not clipped back and B) my hair blown out straight.

The only time I ever wear it this way is when my stylist does it. I just can’t be bothered to blow it dry; in my opinion, that defeats the whole purpose of having it short. But I do like how it looks.

In other exciting news, I wore my new ruffle-front wrap dress from eShakti today. And to work yesterday, for that matter. I LOVE this dress. It’s super-flattering, and it fits like it was made just for me. I will be ordering more dresses from them. OK, OK, I already have. What?

Check out the shadow of Mister Principessa’s head.

And check out my dress blowing around in the breeze. Apparently that breeze is foreshadowing SEVERE! WEATHER! to come.

Hey, I live in LA County, OK? This is about as severe as it gets.

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  1. Love the new haircut!

    • Thank you! I thought about getting my bangs cut shorter, but I don’t think I’d rock ’em like you do 😛

  2. You look gorgeous dear.. I love that haircut style.

  3. SO gorgeous! I love the haircut, and you look very sexy and glamorous!

  4. I, also, love the new cut! I think you should take the time occasionally to blow it out – but if I had your hair I would probably just do a shampoo and go, too ! 🙂 And the dress is so pretty – comfortable yet classy!

  5. Really loving your blown-out hair here. I know it’s a pain in the neck to do yourself, but you’d look so cute if you did it specially one a special occasion and/or night out!

    And the dress is stunning. I need to check out this eShakti you speak of!

    • Aw, thanks! eShakti are pretty amazing, I recommend them highly!

  6. I agree with Galen, this is gorgeous special occasion hair.
    I’m really digging the fourth picture. The contrast between your skin and the dark dress and hair is beautiful.

    • Thanks! The whole “special occasion hair” concept makes sense to me, and it’s not like it REALLY takes that long!

  7. you DEFINITELY should be wearing your hair like that more ^__-

  8. Love the haircut! You look awesome with bangs! And the dress is beautiful!

    • Why thank you! 🙂 I debated getting the bangs cut shorter, but I like to have the safety net of being able to clip them back. I’m a bangs wimp!

  9. Oh, and I agree – this is special occasion hair. I feel the same about doing velcro rollers on my hair. It takes me so long, but it looks cool, so I’ll do it every now and then!

    • Ooooh, I want to see the velcro-rollered look!!!

  10. Well, mom doesn’t ID herself as my mom either! Also, dad never came home early for us like he does for Pepper and Abby!!
    I really like your hair straight!! And I have to blow my hair every time I wash it, or it looks like a pile of straw on top of my head!!
    Also, I love that dress. It is very flattering and you look very pretty!

    • Thanks! Did you end up ordering a dress from them?

      • I ordered two and will send one back probably…I had a hard time deciding which size to get, so we will see!

        • Nice! Let me know how it works out …

  11. Love this dress on you!

    • Thank you! It’s so comfy and easy … I need more dresses!

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