Miscellaneous Items!

ITEM THE FIRST! We are making that pork thing again tomorrow, but this time, we’re using a pork tenderloin and not doing the apple part. Also, this time I didn’t use a recipe, I just mashed the marinade together using ingredients that I believe are approximately the same as the ones we used last time. It’s in the fridge marinating as we speak. Fingers crossed; will report back.

ITEM THE SECOND! The Christmas knitting is done. Praise Jeebus! Expect pictures in late December. In the meantime, I plan to finish up the projects that were sidelined in favor of the Christmas knitting. Remember those guys? Yep, still working on them, except that the ruffle scarf and socks have been finished and there’s a new pair of socks in the works. I want to finish them STAT because I have already selected my next scarf project (it’s technically a shawl, but it’s pretty freaking small for a shawl if you ask me) and my next shawl project. And, predictably, I want to start them NOOOOOOWWWWW! I have no concept of patience. It’s a fact. I may have started a pair of legwarmers in the meantime.

ITEM THE THIRD! I am apparently going through some kind of phase that involves wearing a lot of black, gray, and purple.

I keep ordering things from eShakti. This purple skirt is my newest acquisition. I ordered this dress in black today, so be on the lookout for it in a future post. One note about eShakti: things appear on and disappear from their site like mad. If you see something you like, you should probably pounce on it, or be prepared for it to disappear and then reappear at an unspecified later date, or to disappear in the color you wanted.

  • Purple skirt from eShakti, size 16
  • Gray long-sleeved t-shirt from Old Navy, size M
  • Black cardigan from Old Navy, size L*
  • Black tights that apparently photograph gray from Target
  • The eternal Born Mary Janes

*I kind of hate this cardigan. It pilled immediately, it’s slightly too big but not enough to justify returning it, and it picks up lint to such a degree that it looks like I slept in it even when it’s freshly washed. It might become an “at-home-only” sweater.

ITEM THE FOURTH! It has been unusually chilly in Long Beach for this time of year. Furthermore, our floor heater doesn’t work (long story), and it turns out that the bathroom is the coldest room of our already-chilly apartment. So, I’ve been spending as little time in there as possible, which means I have not been spending any time playing with makeup. Additionally, my fingernails are a hideous, peeling, crackly, ridgy mess at the moment, so no nail polish either. Woe is me.

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  1. Yay for getting your Christmas knitting done! Love the outfit! Purples, grays, and black and some of my favorite colors! The skirt is awesome!

  2. That really is a beautiful skirt. If I ever get time to breathe, I will have to go eShakti and Lucie Liu shopping!

    • Thanks! I love it, and it’s super comfy to boot.

  3. Glad you aren’t multitasking. Might end up with the pork, wrapped in a legwarmer stuck in the pocket of a dress. 🙂 You’ve proably already considered a heated toilet seat?

    • I had NOT considered that!!! But now I shall! We actually have an old electric heater in the bathroom wall, but the first time we turned it on, it died. 😦 Good call on the multitasking. If my friends and family get festively wrapped raw marinated pork and ill-fitting store-bought cardigans in the mail for Christmas, we’ll know why.

  4. Ohh wow, if I were with you in person I would be bowing at your feet for letting me know about that website!!
    It’s funny about the cold…all summer I was feeling a little blah because it was so incredibly hot and humid that makeup just wasn’t a fun prospect. Nothing looked good either, not when my face was sweating and I was looking flushed and over-heated. I was pining for cooler weather so I could wear dark lips and lots of eye makeup along with proper foundation but the only place I can store/apply my makeup also happens to be our only room without a heater now and I’m wussing out! Sitting in there by the back door is kinda not fun. Too bad we don’t have things like “Fall” or “Spring” here, lol!
    PS- That skirt is so cute on you!

    • eShakti is GREAT. And they will do custom styling for you for $7.50. Awesome!

      I know what you mean about the makeup vs. season situation … it’s not fun to stand in the bathroom sweating your eyeliner off, but it’s not fun to stand in there freezing your ass off either. Bah! A pox on weather!

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