Smoke On My Eyelids

You remember that old song by Deep Purple, right? “Smooooooke on my eeeeeeeeyeliiiiiiiiids …” Or something like that. I don’t remember exactly how it went.

Anyway! Today’s simple, subtly smoky look is brought to you by Fyrinnae Leshii, a rather dark, shimmery, gray-lilac. I wasn’t sure about this shade at first; when I swatched it, I found it sort of dull but sparkly, a weird combination. But I should have known better than to doubt the wizards at Fyrinnae. It turns out that this shade requires a sticky primer (such as the one by Concrete Minerals, or Fyrinnae’s own Pixie Epoxy) to bring out its true beauty. It’s dark enough to be dramatic, but still wearable, with some interesting multicolored shimmer and sparkle going on (turquoise and copper, according to the product description). It reminds me of charcoal and ashes, but purple.

In direct sunlight–click this first one to make HUGE for maximum turquoise-and-copper sparkly goodness:


I used Valhalla and Moon Child as the crease and highlight colors, respectively. Two things: One, these shades are incredible together. And two, Valhalla is one of those Fyrinnae shape-shifters. It looks like your standard pale lilac/lavender in the jar, but transforms as if by magic when you put it on, revealing a pink tone that is NOWHERE to be seen when it’s just hanging out in its little container. (French Vanilla Shake is another one that does this: it looks unassuming, even boring, in the jar, and comes to life when you apply it.)

In indirect natural light, indoors:

Product breakdown:

  • Concrete Minerals primer
  • Fyrinnae Leshii all over lids, up to crease
  • Fyrinnae Valhalla blended into Leshii into and above crease
  • Fyrinnae Moon Child to highlight
  • DiorShow mascara
  • Urban Decay lip gloss in Love Junkie, as usual

And just for fun, one flash photo:

Forgive my weird face and semi-wet hair here:

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  1. Wow! Very pretty! Love these colors on you! Oh….and love the song too!:)

  2. Mauves and purples really do suit you – they’re amazing on you! I just got my first Fyrinnae order last night – woo hoo!

  3. Beautiful! I wonder if I have Valhalla. Will have to check my stash.

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