I’m Too Sexy For My Fillings

Went to the dentist today, for approximately the 14,863rd time in the last six months or so. I had two teeth filled, and one of those teeth is apparently in baaaad shape … possible-root-canal bad. This would worry me, but considering that I had two root canals over the summer, it’s sort of old hat at this point. I am a root canal PRO.

They shot me full of Novocaine, of course, and after my boyfriend and I got in the car, I puckered up and pretended to lean in to kiss him and we both cracked up laughing.


So now I’m sitting here waiting for the Novocaine to wear off so we can have dinner. I think it’s starting to, because I’m feeling little twinges of pain in the bad tooth (as the dentist said cheerily, “The filling is sitting right on top of the nerve, so it might take a couple of days to calm down! And you’ll DEFINITELY have sensitivity to cold!” Greeeeaaaaat). As a consolation prize, I’m drinking one of these.

If you have access to Reed’s beverages (I can usually find them at Whole Foods), I HIGHLY recommend picking this up. Tastes like fall in a bottle!

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  1. Oh, yuck yuck yuck to dentistry! You take it a lot more in stride than I would, since there would be a lot more whining and feeling sorry for oneself if I had that done. Hope it’s tolerable!

    • I did briefly feel sorry for myself, but it really was pretty funny … The hygienist told me to rinse my mouth out, but I couldn’t do it without squirting water all over my front. There are pictures of that too, but I decided to salvage whatever minimal pride I have left and not post them.

  2. Tooth work sucks. You should put in a request with the Mr. for homemade applesauce; that stuff is the shit, in a really, really good way.

    • You know, that is an OUTSTANDING idea. I’ll ask him to take it under advisement.

  3. That sucks about all the trips to the dentist and getting dental work done 😦 At least you have a positive attitude about it!

    • Well, I figure it sucks either way … you can either make fun of yourself and get a laugh out of it, or mope and make it suck that little bit more!

  4. I’m getting some fillings soon. Not terribly looking forward to it, but I supposed it is better than having my teeth fall out. Sigh.

    I had a root canal a couple years ago, and it was totally awesome because the nerve was completely dead. No anesthesia, and I didn’t feel a thing. I was all, “Man, why do people worry about root canals?” I’m waiting for karma to school me; I’m sure it’s coming.

    • *suppose. Oh, the grammar.

    • Holy good god, anesthesia-free root canal??? I would DIE, dead nerve or no! Dental works sucks, that’s all there is to it.

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