Eyes of Many Colors

Huzzah! The fabulous Jette is back with another guest post! Let’s all give her a very warm welcome! *clapclapclapclapclap* La Principessa

Dolly Parton, anyone? No? OK, moving on. It’s me, Jette, guest blogger who is somewhat crap at guest blogging on any regular basis! If you’ll recall from my last guest blog, I promised to do a smokey eye step-by-step…well, I lied. In the intervening time, I went a little crazy ordering eyeshadows from MAC’s Dare to Wear collection. If you aren’t familiar with this line, it’s GORGEOUS. Check out the pretty pictures of these eyeshadows on Temptalia’s blog, and just see if you can resist. Go ahead, I dare you. (Ha, ha.)

I tried to be a little sedate and just ordered four of them: Lime, Sassy Grass, Atlantic Blue, and Shock-a-Holic. When I got them, I spent many minutes marveling over the pretty colors and then days and days mulling over how I should wear them. In short, the end result was, “Fuck it, I’m putting ’em all together.” This is the result.

Please excuse my messy brows (seeing aesthetician this week – hallelujah!), but I’m happy to say that the photos adequately reflect the vibrancy of these colors.

I used UDPP as a primer, and then applied Lime on the inner third/half of my lid, as well as the inner corner. I then applied Atlantic Blue on the outer two-thirds/half, meeting the part with Lime. I used Sassy Grass to blend the two, applying it a little over the Lime bit and a bit over the Atlantic Blue bit. I then applied Shock-a-Holic lightly along the brow bone and also along the lower lashline.

I didn’t want to ruin the look with a glittery/shimmery highlight color, so I used a somewhat beige-y/white-y neutral color called Mylar. This particular eyeshadow was MIA for probably eight or so years at the bottom of my massive collection of eyeshadow, until I recently unearthed it. Apparently MAC still makes it, but it looks a bit more beige and less white than mine does. Eyeliner is MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, brow color is MAC eyeshadow in Sketch, and mascara is MAC Zoom Lash in Fast Black.

Some bloggers and reviewers have mentioned that these matte colors are a bit hard to work with, but they’re really not horrible. It’s not as easy as just smearing on a pigment, but it works with a little patience. I definitely recommend using a good primer and making sure to apply enough layers to get the vibrant effect and to make sure they’re opaque and not splotchy.

All in all, I was really pleased with this look, and now I’m hankering after more matte MAC shades to use with them! And bonus: I got lots of compliments on the look at the cheese fest (held in an Embassy Suites, strangely enough) my mom and I went to this weekend. Next time, I will have more restraint and will actually try the smokey eye step-by-step. I swear. Really.

Thanks so much to Jette for another fantastic post! Off to look at these damn eyeshadows!La Principessa

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  1. Awesome bright look!

    • Thank you! I love these colors.

  2. This looks great! I find mattes a lot harder to work with too, I think these are so pretty it would be worth the struggle though 🙂

    • I definitely think they are! They really weren’t that bad – more time-intensive, but not enough to be annoying.

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