Get Your Long Skirts Here!

A couple of you have expressed interest in Shukr skirts–I’m looking in the direction of one spinster-in-training and one guest blogger–and I have to say, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They fit me extremely well, which is no small feat given the proportional weirdness I’ve got going on. Most of them are a very flattering A-line shape, and they’re well made out of high-quality materials.

More important (to me), Shukr is the only retailer I’ve found that reliably sells skirts that are both stylish and floor-length. They’re meant to be “modest,” which is a concept that I’m not going to touch with a 10-foot pole; I don’t care about that aspect of them at all, I just like really long skirts.

I wore one of my Shukr skirts to the Japanese market this morning, so I thought I’d show it to ya!

Mister Principessa, being an obnoxious boy, was taking photos and not telling me, so half of them came out looking like some variation of this:


I LOVE this skirt. The patterns at the bottom are embroidered on, and there are sequins sewn in to the vertical lines of stitching. It’s incredibly comfortable and very cool in the summer. It looks like this particular style is sold out, but there are plenty more where it came from. I’ve had my eye on this one for quite some time. This one too. Also, this one.

Anyway! In case you care, my top is from Old Navy as usual, and I’m wearing the same necklace from Etsy as in yesterday’s post. Incidentally, I’m intentionally NOT mentioning the seller’s name because my shopping experience was not very good, and I wouldn’t recommend that seller to anyone, least of all my charming readers.

Stay tuned for more about that trip to the Japanese market–specifically, the food we bought there. Gonna be all Japanese food all the time this coming week, yum!

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  1. Oh, that skirt is lovely!

  2. Whoa, I love that skirt! Ugh. I have to go buy a skirt from Shukr right now. I mean, I’m happy to get a sweet, sweet skirt from Shukr, it’s just…how am I going to pick just one?

  3. So pretty! I love floor-length skirts. I will definitely have to go shopping on that site. Yet again…BAD INFLUENCE.

  4. Glad you guys like it! 🙂 And very happy to be able to spread the Shukr love around, of course. Also very happy to be an enabler.

  5. You are so freaking awesome. That skirt rocks!

  6. Love the skirt! A great color and I love the detail at the bottom!

    • Thank ya … I love it too! Obviously 😉

  7. занимательно послушать личностей, каковые уже ведают, чем мочь изумить транссексуалы Москвы. Я по своей натуре опытник. ранее сигал с парашютом, с эстакады на каучуке, каботажничал на гондоле по голубой реке. И вместе интим знакомства всегда охота попробовать все в жизни. гляди и пришла меня помысел попробовать такой тип интим услуги. за коим хреном собственно нужно оказаться снаряженным? каким образом себя корчить с данными особями? Проститутки Москвы, с коими мне случалось иметь контакт, нисколько о нетрадиционных лицах путного выложить не могут. может быть у них какое-либо свое банда, недоступное от посторонних взглядов. Я просто не знаю где их имеется возможность повстречать, помимо как в всемирной паутине.

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