Down In The Underground

Labyrinth references FTW! I’ll come back to that. In other news, I wore makeup today!

I don’t wear makeup to work very frequently these days because of that jogging business I told you about. Mister Principessa and I get out of bed at 5:15 to jog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which doesn’t leave me that much time to get ready for work. (I work early hours; being up at 5:15 and out the door by 6:30 means I’m home by 3:45. Sweeeeet.) Also, I heat up like a chubby little furnace when exercising, and it takes me a LONG time to cool down, stop sweating, and de-redden in the facial area. So the last thing I want to do after getting out of my post-jog shower is stand in a steamy bathroom in front of a foggy mirror and attempt to apply makeup to my sweaty, beet-red face.

However, I have two jog-free days per week, so sometimes I use that extra time in the morning to put on makeup. Like this morning, for instance! Fairly neutral, work-safe look here, but I ended up really liking it.

(Sorry for the lack of full-face photos, AGAIN. The Mister and I are still fiddling with the camera, and all the full-face pictures we took today made me look either super wide or, as he so tactfully put it, “like Gonzo.”)

Product breakdown:

  • UDPP
  • Urban Decay Sellout all over lids and in and above crease
  • Urban Decay Virgin to highlight (from Naked palette)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Underground on upper lids
  • Clinique High Impact mascara in black/brown

Apparently I was all about the Urban Decay today. And incidentally, Underground eyeliner is gorgeous and I love it. I ordered one of UD’s five-mini-eyeliner sets a while back, and this color was included. I hadn’t used it before today, and holy cow, I was missing out! It’s a beautiful metallic taupe sort of color, but it has an almost rosy cast to it as well. Very subtle and beautiful. I also like that it looks like a COLOR: I got Gunmetal eyeliner in that same set, and I just can’t get on board with it. It looks nice up close, but from a distance, it just looks like a crappy, low-pigment, fading black. Not good.

Anyway, I love Underground so much that I had to swatch it. Although I would like to note that its name makes me think of this song, which I had in my head all day today.

Indirect outdoor light:

Direct sunlight:

While we’re at it, let’s discuss my nail polish! It’s Revlon Matte Suede in Powder Puff (I also have this in Emerald City, which you may have noticed on my toes yesterday).

Bad news first: I don’t know that I’m crazy about this polish’s formula. It took four coats to get it reasonably opaque, and it’s still a bit streaky. Otherwise, I love it. The finish is gorgeous–check it out! This is in direct sunlight.

Mmmmm … satiny! And I think that the minimal amount of wear is impressive, considering that I painted my nails on either Sunday or Monday night, I type all day, and I didn’t use a top coat (I do NOT understand it when people use matte polishes and then add glossy top coats). Of course, the fact that the polish and the tips of my nails are both white goes some way to hide chipping, but still. I am the QUEEN of chippy, peely polish, and I’m impressed with how well this is holding up.

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  1. Pretty, pretty eyeshadow there, woman……and very office appropriate!

    • Why thank you! I’d been lusting after Sellout for a long time, so I got it for myself for my bday. 🙂

  2. A very simple but pretty Urban Decay look! And thats awesome you guys are running in the mornings!

    Love the satiny polish! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one out there with short nails! And I’m so with you on the chippy, peely polish!

    • I do so much stuff with my hands, I think I would go INSANE with long nails!

  3. Underground *is* gorgeous. Pretty rosey taupe ftw. And omg, Powder Puff! I’m not a huge fan of matte polishes, but that is sweet!

    • It’s an interesting finish, because it’s not TOTALLY matte. Available at all your finer Rite Aids!

  4. I can’t let this go by without mentioning my boyfriend, David Bowie. Take a moment to reflect. Mmmmm. OK, I do love that eyeliner. I’ve been using it for the waterline and/or for the bottom lashline with my regular MAC Smolder on the top lid. I’ll probably have to try it for a more neutral look…but then again, when do I ever do neutral?

  5. Also, I do like the nail polish! Very pretty. I also have to share that my mom bought me THIS and I got it yesterday:

    I love my mom.

    • Oh, you lucky little lady! I know you were after that stuff. Yaaaaaaaay for awesome moms!!!

  6. […] that song out of my head. Where did it even come from in the first pl–oh, RIGHT.” This happened a couple of days ago with an eyeliner name and a song from “The Labyrinth,” and it happened again this […]

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