Simple Green

As you are probably aware, yesterday California voted down Proposition 19, which would have made it legal to grow and possess marijuana for personal use. This has been a major topic of discussion here in SoCal of late, so I figured, why not jump on the bandwagon with a lovely green eyeshadow named for the sticky icky itself? Behold … Chronic by Urban Decay!

As you might have guessed by the post title, this is indeed a very simple look. Just two colors: Chronic all over the lid and up slightly above the crease, blended into Fyrinnae Marshmallow Puffs, which I used as a highlight color.

These pictures are all pretty terrible, I’m afraid; I’m still figuring my new camera out. They’re all kind of blurry, and I didn’t get a single full-face shot worth posting.

Product breakdown:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
  • Urban Decay Chronic all over lids and under lower lashes
  • Fyrinnae Marshmallow Puffs to blend and highlight
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero on upper lids and waterline
  • DiorShow mascara

Chronic is my first Urban Decay matte, and the stories are true, oh, so true. It’s pretty incredible. Smooth, highly pigmented, doesn’t apply patchy at all, blends like a dream. Love it. Will need more.

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  1. I like the green with your eye color!!

  2. Love this look! And from the title “Simple Green,” I was thinking household cleaner! Haha! Sorry 🙂 But this is a great simple green look!

    • That was actually what I was referring to! 🙂 Glad you liked it!

  3. I love this look, especially with your eyecolor! I just saw a news report on alcohol being the most dangerous/destructive drug (while I was at the dentist’s, oddly enough), and my thoughts were, “1-no duh, and 2-so *why* haven’t we legalized weed yet?” Not that I’m really into the “sticky icky” (that cracks me up), but…it seems like a lesser evil, and surely we could get people out of prison that didn’t really need to be there, and we could tax it, right? So….?

    • Um … because then the streets will be clogged with giggling people driving to the store really, really slowly for Doritos and Twinkies? I honestly have NO IDEA. I do not take “the pot” myself, but I have no problem with legalizing it. And yes, it is quite baffling that alcohol is legal but pot isn’t. WTF? Who makes these decisions? Oh, right …

      Oh, and uh, glad you liked the look too! 🙂

  4. Very cool! Makes your eyes really pop and look very warm. I’ll have to try some UD matte…

    • This one was really nice, and I want more!

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