Brief, Unhelpful Update

Still here! Still camera-less! Although I did replace the AC adapter for my laptop, so I’m back online, at least. Did I mention that that died too? It did, so I was spending very little time online because it was a pain in the ass to go fire up the landline computer in the bedroom. 2010 will henceforth be known as The Year Wherein All My Mechanical Items Failed Me.

  • Phone: Broke mysteriously in car on way home from work; was replaced before it died entirely
  • Car battery: Died
  • Camera: Died an especially slow and irritating death
  • AC adapter: Died, with bonus high-pitched screechy noises
  • Old TV (technically, this was Mister Principessa’s, not mine): Died, with bonus LOUD death rattle that led the Mister to bestow upon it the affectionate nickname “The Buzzbox”
  • Bottom right rear molar: Died (OK, OK. It “broke” rather than “died,” and it was not, strictly speaking, a Mechanical Item. But it was a huge inconvenience and cost a crap ton of money to fix, so I’m letting it in anyway.)

When it rains, it pours, by golly!

I’d hoped to have my new camera in time to capture this weekend’s festivities, but it was shipped to my work, and I’m taking tomorrow off, so the glorious occasion of my 31st birthday will have to go undocumented on film. Or, you know, in pixels. Whatever. At any rate, the next few days will involve shopping, cooking, baking, opening of presents, knitting, and–if the good people at Weather Underground are to be believed–rain! On my birthday! What an excellent gift THAT would be!

Anyway. I really miss blogging regularly, and I can’t wait to try out some of the eyeshadows I may or may not have bought recently *cough*SephoraFriendsandFamilySale*cough* and take pictures with my shiny new camera!

Sigh … bear with me through these dark, troubling, blogless times. I’ll be back soon. I swear.

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  1. Glad to hear you are still alive! I was wondering where you were! It sounds like 2010 wasn’t a good year for electronics. But it least you have a fairly positive attitude about it! Can’t wait until you are back to blogging with a camera!

  2. My poor baby! 🙂 Couldn’t you just pop in to the office to check your mail??!! It might be worth it!…….we’re waiting for some new pics, you know! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Yo.
    PHoey on stuff. Keep a stiff upper lip (painted with Crimson #76) and Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!.

    • Phooey is right! Stupid stuff … And thanks! 🙂

  4. Booo! It certainly has been pouring. 😦 But hopefully there’s nowhere to go but up now?

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the new camera is here soon. 🙂

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