Excuses, Excuses

Just a quickie today to reassure the four of you that I am, in fact, alive. I am utterly snowed under with knitting, and, as predicted, that’s sucking up a goodly amount of my time and creative juices. But it’s really fun! And I’m getting a hell of a head start on Christmas!

I’d love to post pictures of my Christmasy works in progress. But I can’t, because if I were to make a Venn diagram of “People who read my blog” and “People who usually get knitted things from me for Christmas,” it would look like this:

So … you know.

Plus, I’ve been having massive tension headaches lately. Every so often, my neck and shoulders get incredibly tense, and that tension manifests in the form of ongoing sore head problems that OTC painkillers don’t touch. So I’ve been doing everything possible to combat that, including jogging, yoga, lots of hot baths, and staying the hell offline. Eight hours in front of a computer during the day + multiple hours in front of a computer in the evening = hideous neck and shoulder tension, and then … the headaches.

Oh, and in addition to these issues, my camera is behaving like a cranky two-year-old. That situation will be remedied shortly, but in the meantime, attempting to use it is incredibly frustrating. So I haven’t been.

And there you have my litany of excuses! Posting will probably be sporadic for the foreseeable future. Be advised! Bad, inconsistent blogger in da house!

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  1. Who doesn’t love a good Venn diagram? 😉

  2. Hope your yoga is helping – maybe your body is trying to tell you something?! (Be nice to me – I’m the only one you’ve got!)

    • It seems to be helping somewhat …

  3. Who needs Hallmark cards when you can say it all with diagrams?

    Hope your headaches get better! I had stress-related migraines every day for several months and was about to off myself in the oven, so I feel your pain. Starting to run again finally helped mine, after several prescription medication fails (omg, Topamax made me effing insane). So maybe some non-computer-quality-time will be the cure for you, too!

    • Ugh! I get migraines too–well, I used to get them, I actually haven’t gotten one since I started on Atenolol. That’s great that running has helped yours! So much better to deal with that kind of thing without meds if possible, I think.

      • I was on propranolol for a bit, which is a related medication. It worked really well for a while! And the side effects were non-existent while it meshed with my little brain. I hope yours does the trick for good! I’ll keep sending good, non-headachey thoughts you way. 🙂

  4. “…to reassure the four of you that I am, in fact, alive.”

    I started laughing at this, then realized the old guy sitting next to me at work was getting uncomfortabuhls, and then I felt a little ashamed.

    Good on you for actually getting your knitting done! You’re an inspiration to all procrastiknitters.

    • If my words can make old guys at your job uncomfortable, then my work here is done. *brushes hands together*

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