My Theory

I have a theory on creative energy. Some of you have already heard it, but here’s a little refresher. I believe that I have a limited amount of creativity, and that when I start to aim it in one direction, there’s less of it to aim in other directions. This ebbs and flows–sometimes I feel more creative in general, and sometimes less–but generally speaking, creative energy that I’m spending on one pursuit is creative energy that isn’t getting spent on other pursuits.

Why the hell am I blathering about this? Because I was TOTALLY NOT KIDDING when I said last time that knitting season is approaching. My personal knitting season tends to run from about October through May, and as you might imagine, it sucks up a lot of time and creativity. It generally begins with the knitting of several Christmas gifts for friends and relatives, not to mention a multitude of cold weather accessories (OK, chilly weather accessories … it rarely if ever gets “cold” here) for myself. I’m already starting to feel the onset of Winter Knit Lust (major symptoms: increased time spent browsing Ravelry, an unhealthy interest in yarn purchasing, and a disinterest in spending time online when there are about 7 projects on the needles just begging to be brought to fruition).

The other activity that I tend to ramp up in the chillier months is cooking. There really is something satisfying, on a primal level, about heating your house via the cooking of food that will warm your loved ones from the inside out. One of my favorite things about fall and winter is that these seasons are a fabulous excuse to spend a lot of time browsing through cookbooks and stirring pots.

The upshot of all this is that posting around these here parts might veer toward foodly and yarnly pursuits in the coming months. I have no plans to cease futzing around with makeup, but it’s likely that that won’t be my first priority. And because writing is itself a creative pursuit, it’s also likely that posting in general will slow down as I spend more time chopping things with knives and playing with string offline. So … fair warning!

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  1. Are you going to be posting your WIPs during the knitting season?

    • Oh yes. 🙂 Except the ones that are surprises for people who read this, of course!

  2. […] you remember that thing I posted a while back, about how I feel like I have a limited amount of creative energy and sometimes that energy gets […]

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