Presenting Mister Charcoal

Just when it seemed that the Matter of the Train Case was settled, a dark horse appeared out of nowhere.

While I was on vacation, the wily and elusive Train Case the First finally arrived, a mere 43 days after I ordered it. To make a long story shorter, the seller shipped it in a timely manner, but it apparently languished at my local post office for about a month. Not until it was stamped FINAL NOTICE did our intrepid mail carrier muster up the wherewithal to attempt to deliver it, supposedly for the second time, although we never received a first delivery attempt notice and nobody could manage to find it when I went to the PO in person to see if it was there.

No matter. It was absolutely, positively worth the wait. I mean, check out the interior!

It’s practically pristine! It looks like it’s barely been used. AND, it’s that grayed-out lavender color with which I am obsessed lately.

The payer-attentioners among you might have noticed a little something on top of Mister Charcoal in that first picture. Yes, friends, it’s the original key, shiny as the day it was forged by … whoever did that sort of thing for American Tourister in the 1960s. This little fella completes the Holy Triumvirate of Vintage Train Casery: original mirror, tray, and key.

And this wasn’t the only package I had waiting for me when I got home. I also had a little something from my beloved Fyrinnae. I knew immediately what I had to do. It was clearly fate. It was DESTINY.

(I transferred the rest of my eyeshadows into Old Faithful Brownie, who now resides in a much more high-profile location on the coffee table in the living room.)

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  1. Wow – I can’t believe the amazing shape that one is in! Absolutely beautiful. Glad you finally got it! You’re now the most organized person I know!

    • I’m glad too! It really is in incredible shape. The elastic is still sproingy, for pete’s sake!

  2. This one truly is in fantastic shape – vvveeerrryyy nice!

  3. And, by the way, glad those are your temps and not ours!!

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