Impending Vacation Times

This is a boring informational post to let you know that I’m leaving to visit my family in Colorado on Friday. I’ll be returning to California on Saturday the 25th, so posting might be a little light as I prepare for (and, you know, go on) my trip. I might do a couple of vacation posts, and I might even strap my sister down and apply eye makeup to her by force and blog about that. (It would serve her right for being such a pain in the ass while we were growing up, but I digress.) But I don’t plan to worry tooooo much about posting while I’m gone, and this week might just be boring workday makeup and such. Just FYI!

So, to conclude: here is a picture of my cat.

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  1. Aww, what a cute cat! I love cat pictures. 🙂 Have a nice time visiting your family!

    • I love them too! Very useful as a distraction as well, I find. “boring boring boring blah blah blah nobody cares blah blah boring OH LOOK! KITTY!!!” 😛

  2. I think this must mean that you are coming to visit moi! Oh yes, and your sister and your poppy and your Jette buddy!

    • As luck would have it, Jette is going to be in England during the EXACT SAME TIME PERIOD that I’ll be in CO. 😦


    Aw, Piglet!

    • Ha ha, I had to manually insert line breaks into your comment. 😛

      But yes, booooooooo! 😦 At least you will be off doing something fun!

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