Concrete Brunette

As you might have noticed, I’m pretty much a neutrals kind of gal in terms of makeup. (Don’t know when that happened; as I’ve mentioned before, I was quite the goth in high school. “Neutral” was not my look.) I’d like to branch out, though, and part of why I started this blog was to track my little experiments and gather photographic evidence of what works on me and what doesn’t. Last night, I was inspired (largely by Jette’s guest post from the other day) to try out a light, pastel-y two-color look.

I hauled out a couple of gorgeous sparkly colors from Concrete Minerals that I hadn’t really played around with yet: Daydream (“shimmery baby blue”) and Detox (“seafoam green with silver sparkle”). So let’s have a look-see!

First, the swatches. This first photo was taken outside, although I unfortunately couldn’t take photos in direct sunlight, because there was no such thing as direct sunlight in Long Beach yesterday. Daydream on the left, Detox on the right.

Inside with flash:

As you can see, these two colors are both pastels, but they’re quite different in terms of texture, opacity, and finish. I loved Daydream, which is shimmery and fairly opaque. Detox is more of a matte with sparkle, and it’s rather sheer; I had to pack it on quite a bit to get it as opaque as I wanted it.

And now, the look. I present to you … CONCRETE BRUNETTE!!! Not as catchy as Concrete Blonde, but significantly more accurate.

Whatever is going on under my eyes in this next one looks weeeeeeiiiirrrd. I think it’s the lack of eyeliner on the waterline. Creepy!

Here’s the product breakdown:

  • UDPP Eden (I like this a lot for light and/or matte looks because it’s both)
  • High Voltage Backstage Pass on inner 3rds of lids, inner corners, and to highlight
  • Concrete Minerals Daydream all over lids and under lower lashes
  • Concrete Minerals Detox in and above crease
  • NYX Doll Eyes Long Lash mascara over Urban Decay Lash Primer
  • NYX brow powder and wax
  • Milani lipstick in Cocoa Sugar

A few notes: One, after I did this look, I remembered why I hardly ever use that mascara … it takes approximately one thousand hours to dry completely. Two, that lipstick is moisturizing! My lips were slighly dry when I put it on, and they softened right up after a couple of minutes. Impressive! And three, I considered using black eyeliner on my upper lids and waterline; I think it would have been nice, but it would have made it a bit more conventional looking and I was rather enjoying the oddness of how it looked without any eyeliner at all. Crazy eyes!

Outside, natural light:

Inside with flash:

And one out-the-back-door shot, natural light:

Overall, I liked this look, although it did seem to accentuate the bags under my eyes; again, I think this was because of the lack of eyeliner. So, I have learned that pale eyeshadow + no eyeliner gives me crazy eyes. Not a bad thing if that’s what you’re going for, I guess.

If I had it to do over, I think I’d have either left the under-eye area alone entirely or added eyeliner on upper lids and waterline. And I do wish Detox had been a little more opaque.

Whew! All this “branching out” takes it out of a person. Tomorrow, I’m thinking I might fall back into the waiting arms of my beloved neutrals and do a Naked palette look, as required by law for anyone who blogs about makeup.

Mmmmm, Naked palette. I really do love that goddamn thing.

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  1. The colors are really pretty, but I think your problem with light colors is the same as mine – I always feel washed out and that my eyes lack definition. So maybe some eyeliner would help and you would still have a unique look but minus the “crazy eyes” effect! I also think I need to understand that I have an unreasonable fear of appearing washed out.

    • I totally agree. Although I kind of enjoy knowing that, should I ever require a Crazy Eyes look, this is how to achieve it.

  2. The colors look lovely! I think I need a darker shade too… And even eyeliner! I’m so colorsless myself 😀

    • Thanks! Sometimes I think very pale colors on very pale people look nice … kind of ethereal, and dramatic!

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