Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Who is the fairest of them all? Why, my old friend Jette, of course, back for another guest post! As always, click photos for big versions.–La Principessa

Happy Mid-Week-and-Post-Labor Day! We have to celebrate something, right? Since we now have practically THREE WHOLE MONTHS without free-from-work holidays.

It’s Jette again with just a quick guest post (thanks, Principessa! No no, thank YOU, for doing my work for me gracing us with your presence!). My original Plan of Action was to do my take on a smoky date-night-type eye (wow – really lovin’ the hyphens here today) for my next guest post, but I haven’t done that yet. So, instead, you loyal readers get my Eye of the Day, which I’m going to call Poison Apple. I know, not very original, but that’s what I first thought of when I created this.

Oh, and this gives me an excuse to push more MAC, since this is an all-MAC look (all-MAC, all the time!).

The colors are, starting at the upper left and going clockwise, MAC pigment in Quick Frost, MAC eyeshadow in Nocturnelle, MAC pigment in Entremauve (yes, the same one as my last post – how versatile it is!), and the focal point, MAC pigment in Golder’s Green. Again, I’m hoping some or all of these are still available for purchase. (La Principessa says: Nocturnelle is available on the MAC website, so I assume it’s a permanent color; I didn’t see the others on either the MAC site or the MAC Pro site. Looks like you’ll have to find dupes or wait for MAC to repromote them in one of their 19,731 annual limited edition collections!)

I first applied UDPP all over the lid, up to the brow. I then applied Golder’s Green all over the lid to a point just above the crease (have to layer this one on a bit to get the really intense shade I’m wearing). Entremauve went in the crease and the outer V, but I left a tiny bit of Golder’s Green showing on the outer edge for a sort of duochrome look. I then applied Nocturnelle with a small angled brush to the bottom half of my lower lash line, and Quick Frost went on the brow bone. My usual heavy eyeliner and mascara are MAC kohl in Smolder and MAC Zoom Lash in Fast Black, respectively.

What I Love about This Look:

  1. It’s an unexpected pop and combination of colors.
  2. Entremauve, even though it’s so dark, allows a bit of the green to show through, for a very unique effect. I think people might be surprised that this is really only two colors.

What I’m Not as Keen on:

  1. I was aiming for a brighter purple, and I think I probably should have tried Nocturnelle for the crease as well. The downside of that is the loss of the effect by using just pigments.
  2. My slightly village-idiot-like liner job on the left eye. Luckily, you really can’t notice it when the eye’s open, but it’s super-blatant in my photos! (Yikes – no, I haven’t been doing this for 16 years and change, nuh-uh.)

Anyway, enjoy! Also, for more green-and-purple looks, be sure to check out La Principessa’s (scroll down) and xSparkage’s from January 21. The former is more light and summery and the latter is more candy-colored.

Next time: Smoky Eye by Jette. I promise.

Many thanks to Jette for another lovely guest post! I created a MAC tag just for this … the sacrifices we make for free labor. Sigh.–La Principessa

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  1. I said it before (via email), and I’ll say it again (in public) … I love that freaking Golder’s Green! It has actually inspired me to play with my minty green from Concrete Minerals, which I might do tomorrow. ❤

  2. A very beautiful mint and purple combination!

  3. […] in Shukr skirts–I’m looking in the direction of one spinster-in-training and one guest blogger–and I have to say, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They fit me extremely well, […]

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