I Gotta Get Organizized

Travis Bickle FTW!

As promised, I spent a bit of time last night transferring makeup from its old home (a drawer) to its new home (the first of two vintage train cases I’ve bought over the past couple of weeks. Actually, the second of three, but we shan’t discuss the one that went missing in the mail because it makes me very very cranky). Let’s take one more look at that “before” picture (click to embiggen):

You can see that this situation was pretty untenable. Obviously, I’m not going to stop buying makeup anytime soon, so there’s that. Also, the new stuff was starting to bury the old stuff, so it wasn’t getting used.

For instance, see the Naked palette there to the right of the wire organizer? You can juuuuust barely make it out, since it’s covered with other crap. I’ve used that thing like three times! I LOVE that palette! I want to use it! But I’m not likely to if I have to dig it out from under what appear to be 2 MAC pigments, a MAC eyeshadow, an NYX brow powder thing, and an NYX eyeshadow trio.

So. The goal here was to make all my stuff accessible, and to spread it out a bit so my budding collection has room to grow. I’m not fussy about things like organizing by color, although I did my best to keep things from the same brand together.

Here’s what we have now. In the bottom of the train case, I stuck my teeny Urban Decay and MAC collections, along with quite a few of my drugstore items and a pink case that holds brushes I don’t use very often.

In the tray, I put some of my mineral eyeshadows (Fyrinnae, Concrete Minerals, High Voltage, and Evil Shades), plus primers, samples, and my brushes.

I LOVE the brushes bit. It’s hard to see in the photo, but there’s a sort of divot in the divider in the middle of the tray. I have no idea what was originally intended to go there, but it works perfectly for holding brushes! You can see it better in the big version. Clicky clicky!

And in that drawer, I left some more mineral stuff, plus a few of the eyeshadows I’ve mixed myself, a couple of my loose NYX eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, and some other random things.

Um, I may have taken advantage of Aromaleigh’s 35% off deal. Twice. And willya lookit that! Naked palette, well within reach! Why, I might even USE it one of these days!

Man, this has been a text-heavy, makeup-pictures-light week, hasn’t it? Back to the purties tomorrow, I swear!

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  1. Your collection looks well organized! Now if I could just find some motivation to organize mine…

    • 🙂 Mine is pretty teeny still, I knew it would get out of hand if I didn’t do something pretty soon …

  2. This is a very classy looking organizational “toolbox” isn’t it?? 🙂

    • I think so! Beats the hell out of that pink Caboodle I had in junior high …

  3. Ah…Caboodles. I had a purple one for my makeup. I really like this – it looks fantastic. I do need a better way to display all of my eyeshadows, so I know what I actually have! Good idea!

    • Thanks! It does make it easier to see what I actually have, you know? Plus now I can justify getting more since I have somewhere to put it. 😛

  4. Congrats on getting it sorted- I just finished with my makeup organizing too and it makes me happy to look at it now. Plus, room for growth is always a good thing 😉

    • Good for you! Yeah, it’s nice when you can stand back and look at it all and say yep, that job’s taken care of for a while. Smug-making, that’s what it is!

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