In Which I Ask Your Sage Advice

Skin care! Who cares?

OK, so perhaps that’s not a great attitude toward this topic, but I have historically not given much of a crap about my skin. Oh sure, it was the bane of my existence during The Acne Years, leading to a hideous concealer-makeup-breakout-more concealer-more breakouts cycle. But since it cleared up, I haven’t really given it much thought. I haven’t worn any type of face makeup (foundation, powder, what have you) in years, and my skin care routine goes something like this:


  1. Wash face with Dove soap.
  2. Moisturize with moisturizer from Target. I believe it’s Neutrogena.


  1. Maybe remove eye makeup if not too tired. (Yes, yes, I know. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwww. AND WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE PILLOWCASES???)
  2. Ingest birth control pill.

Not joking on that last one. It will clear your skin RIGHT UP.

Anyway, it appears that I have reached the age where the phrase “fine lines and wrinkles” has real meaning in my life. I also have combination skin, and it’s been pulling some crazy crap lately. Insane flaky dryness surrounding one (1) nostril! Renegade clogged pore on left cheek! Series of horizontal lines across forehead! Increased pinkness and general sensitivity! Of course, it’s entirely possible that the recent increase in the number of close-up flash photos I’m taking of my face has just made me notice these things more. At any rate, it turns out that I’m not quite as happy with my skin as I thought I was.

So! Tell me about your skin care routines! What should I be doing that I’m not? Any product recommendations? Help me to help myself! I am counting on you to FIX MY FACE!

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  1. Stay away from soap as much as possible! And at some point, you may want to consider a dermabrasion routine…..I think it helps a lot…….all that moisturizer needs to be absorbed and that doesn’t work very well if you have a lot of dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin……the moisturizer needs to be able to penetrate down through them, so best to just get rid of them to begin with! 🙂

    • I do exfoliate, but I’m not crazy about either of the exfoliants (?) I use … sigh. I’m thinking about trying out a couple of Lush products (shock!) to see if they help!

      • I like Burts Bees citrus scrub…smells good

      • Oh yeah? Maybe I’ll look for it at Rite Aid, they have Burt’s Bees stuff there now. At least the one near me does.

  2. I’m awful, I never wash my makeup off before I go to bed :O I got this little pink scrublet thingy from Sephora for $5, it makes the facewash really lather up and get in your pores. My skin has improved since I started using it. I also started using the Deep Black soap from One Hand Washes the Other on etsy, it has a lot of natural ingredients, which is great since I’m trying not to use so much chemical crap all the time. It’s really nice.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve been wanting to try OHWTO, I will definitely look into it!

  3. Hmm… I use Virtue Natural facial scrub twice a week and moisturize with their serum once or twice a day (once by morning, once at night). At night I remove my make-up with water or with some hm… I’m not sure what’s the right word for it. It’s like a wet paper that removes make-up x.x’ it’s cheap and really removes stuff!
    Then, I apply my serum and my SoBe Botanicals Night Minerals and… sleep!
    My skin did not give me trouble since then. It works well with me…. 🙂

    • By the way, I’m kind of new in this “beauty routine” thing, so I’m not sure if my advice is a worthy one ^^’

      • I’m new to it too! Thanks for the input … I’ve been wanting to try out SoBe as well, so I’ll take a look!

  4. Skin care is now the bane of my existence too! As you know, I had PERFECT skin in high school, and now, I have acne! What the frick? I am pretty happy with my skincare routine and I really don’t have many wrinkles at all, save for a few more fine lines under my eyes. My skin care is all Aveda, and I do like Origins A Perfect World serum when I am feeling like buying it. For an exfoliator, I LOVE Origins Modern Friction. My routine is to exfoliate a couple of times a week, and to wash my face, use toner, use eye cream, and use moisturizer. Sometimes with a serum thrown in. I haven’t changed this routine much since…well, ever, so it’s not the cause of the acne. Probably hormonal…and those stupid birth control pills ARE NO LONGER HELPING! Grr. Off to the dermatologist.

    • Aw man, that’s a big routine! Aveda and Origins, eh? I’ll look into that too.

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