Rock Out with Your Sock Out

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is knit. I taught myself to knit when I was maybe 10 or 11 from a book my mom bought in the ’70s, which means I’ve been knitting off and on for about 20 years (!). Maybe three or four years ago, the “off and on” became strictly “on,” and I got pretty obsessed with enthusiastic about it. I just love everything about it. I love the way the yarn feels running through my fingers, I love infinite variety of materials (wool or silk? acrylic or bamboo? and don’t even get me started on the blends … ), I love the colors, I love the finished product, I love knitting things for other people, I love knitting things for myself.

I. Love. Knitting.

And I always have multiple projects in the works. Some people knit one thing at a time until it’s finished. Not I! So I thought I’d give you a look at a couple of things I’m working on right now. There’s more where these came from, of course, but these are at the top of the pile.

First up: Monsieur Sock. Self-striping sock yarn is the greatest thing ever for the lazy knitter who likes striped socks. The yarn is dyed to knit up into stripes all by itself, with no effort whatsoever from the knitter. I like this particular yarn a lot because it has long color repeats (which I’m really into right now) and because the plies of the yarn are different colors, so the stripes sort of blend into each other. Click for big photos, as usual.

I swear the burn holes in the curtain were there when we moved in. Also: looks like I need to repaint my toenails!

Here is the sock enjoying the morning sun on the wooden swing in the courtyard of my apartment building. You’ll find that my knitting hangs out there a lot.

The yarn is Trekking Maxima in the creatively named color #903. Purchased at the Loopy Ewe, as usual. I can’t recommend the LE highly enough if you’re looking to buy sock yarn. They have an incredible selection and one of the best frequent-buyer programs around.

Main Project Number Two is this purple scarf. It’s actually a slightly narrower version of the Upstairs Shawl (English version available as a free download at Ravelry).

This pattern has been really fun to knit. It’s going pretty fast, and it’s interesting enough that my mind can’t completely wander but simple enough that I memorized it after a couple of repeats. Here’s a closer look:

Yarn is Knit Picks Shadow 100% merino laceweight in Vineyard Heather. Knit Picks offers basic, natural-fiber, high-quality yarns at very affordable prices and is an excellent option if you’re just getting started with knitting and don’t want to blow a bunch of money on expensive yarn. Hell, it’s an excellent option if you’re an experienced knitter and don’t want to blow a bunch of money on expensive yarn! I shop there all the time. They also have an outstanding selection of needles; I’m a big fan of their nickel-plated double-pointed and Options interchangeable needles (those are KP needles in the sock above).

Oh, and a note about Ravelry: It is the greatest thing ever for those of us with fibery hobbies. No foolin’. If you’re at all interested in knitting, crocheting, or spinning, and you’re not on Ravelry, you ought to be! You can read yarn/needle/product reviews, see other people’s finished objects, get advice, find patterns (including TONS of freebies) for everything under the sun … Again, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Get on it!

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  1. I live knitting, too! My only complaint about Ravelry is that it takes up knitting time. I need a voice activated mouse or something so that I can browse and knit at the same time.
    Love the colors on those socks! I am not a sock knitter, so I am always amazed at those who are.
    Great post! 🙂

    • Okay – I meant “love” knitting. But, I guess I live it, too. 🙂

      • Thanks! I feel the same way about Ravelry … It really does eat into the ol’ knitting time! But it’s worth it! 🙂

  2. I love the title of this post, heehee 🙂 My goal right now is to learn how to knit or crochet, or maybe both!

    • That’s awesome! You’ll have so much fun. 🙂 You can find TONS of tutorial videos on YouTube to teach you how! And seriously … Ravelry! It’s like Facebook for fiber nerds.

  3. Oh, this IS a nice purpley color, isn’t it?

  4. I love that scarf – so my thing! We have such good taste, you and me, darlin’.

    • Thanks! It’s actually the same yarn I made that one scarf for you out of … the first scarf I made you, I think.

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