Guest Post! Guest Post!

La Principessa says: I forced asked my old friend Jette to do a guest post, and she agreed! So without further ado … here it is!

Greetings, loyal Principessa readers! As you may have guessed, I’m not La Principessa. I am guest blogger, Jette, and after I harangued La Principessa to let me guest-blog (or maybe it was the other way around? or a bit of both?), here I am.

Before we get started, here are a few things to know about me, as means of introduction:

  1. I LOVE makeup, especially eye makeup. Therefore, I will probably be guest-blogging (assuming I’m invited back, that is…) about not much else other than my eye makeup adventures.
  2. I am loyal almost exclusively to MAC and will push it on you people. La Principessa is more democratic than I am.
  3. I love me some eyeliner, always have, and if I was banished to a desert island with a small list of necessities, this would be one. Unless I was alone, in which case, I’m not going to waste my good eyeliner.
  4. La Principessa and I have known each other for WAAAY too long, and witnessed each other’s black-smudgy-gothy phases in high school. I think we’ve both progressed nicely.
  5. I’m still working on the quality of the photos. It’s hard when you’re unleashing a ginormous DSLR camera on your own face, so y’all have to be patient.

Now! We can get started. I actually had a slightly different look in mind for my first blog, and it involved purple glitter, so I may have to do that as a part deux at some point. But, last night, I went to a Colorado Rockies game, and since I made the mistake of wearing Dodgers blue the last time I went, I decided to play it very loyal and home-team and go all out with a purple look. So, this is a Rockies purple look, Jette-style. (Quick side note: In the future, I might do a step-by-step, but I didn’t have time to do that with photos, so I’ll just describe my routine.)

First, I apply Urban Decay primer potion. This stuff works very well, especially if you consider that most (possibly all) of these photos were post-baseball game. And no, it’s not MAC. If I stray from MAC, it’s almost always to Urban Decay. Then, I started out with my eyeshadow. From left to right, we have Urban Decay in Flash, which is a beautiful iridescent pinky purple; then MAC pigment in Entremauve, and MAC pigment in Your Ladyship. I’m honestly not sure if these colors are still in existence, but I’m sure you can find equivalents. (La Principessa says: click for big versions!)

Flash went on my whole lid, up just above the crease. (Quick side note #2: To prevent fallout, and you will have a lot with these colors, I hold a folded Kleenex under my eye as I’m applying.) I then used a small brush to apply Entremauve to the entire V of my eye, including the entire crease. You can see that it’s quite a thick line, but it doesn’t look quite that blocky in person. I then used one of my favorite brushes of all time, the MAC #224 blending brush, to blend the dark purple and soften the edges. Final step for shadow was to apply Your Ladyship with a larger eyeshadow brush under my eyebrow and across my brow bone.

Next step for me is always eyeliner! And I will sing the praises of this one until the cows come home. It’s MAC’s kohl eyeliner in Smolder. La Principessa had mentioned the difficulties of liquid eyeliner, and I think this is a good solution. It looks like liquid, and people are always surprised to find out that it’s not. I slather that baby on. I do a thicker line at the outer part of the lid for extra drama, and I also add a tail for that cat-eye look. I then add it on my waterline. Mascara is also liberally applied, and again, it’s MAC. MAC’s Zoom Lash in Fast Black. Lovely, lovely stuff.

And there you have it! Very bright, vibrant colors, but nothing horrifying if you’re willing to take the risk. And most importantly, supportive of the home team!

La Principessa says: I think Jette looks beautiful and did a great job, don’t you? Let’s all give her a round of applause! *clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap*

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  1. What a pretty look! I love it 🙂

    • Jette does a great job–I’ll pass your compliments along!

  2. Jette – Very nice post, mylady! As a dinosaur who also remembers the “gothy” days of the two of you, may I say that the current choices are spectacular compared to the old “raccoon eyes” look of yore. The purple makes your eye color really pop, doesn’t it? And you’ve done a super job with the blending brushes! Bravo!

  3. Thank you! It’s definitely an improvement. 🙂

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