And Now for Something Very Slightly Different

Looking at makeup on the Internet invariably makes me want to go play with the makeup I already own. After spending some time (and, um, some money) on High Voltage Cosmetics last night, I was seized with the urge to put on eye makeup. And when the Eye Makeup Muse comes a-knocking, goddammit, you answer the door, even if it’s 10:00 at night on a Friday and you’re not planning to go anywhere but back onto the couch to look at more makeup on the Internet. It is the circle of life.

As you might have noticed, I tend to play it fairly safe in terms of makeup. This is mostly because, being an old boring fake-married lady, I don’t really out crazy places where I can show off fancy makeup. I don’t go to clubs, or bars, or even very many concerts anymore. Here’s a list of the places I go with any regularity:

  • Work.
  • The grocery store.

But I still find playing with makeup to be a LOT of fun. In fact, it’s becoming a really nice little creative outlet for me. It’s like creating art on your own face! Plus it’s cheap, it washes off, and it’s infinitely variable. What’s not to like? So last night, I thought I’d do something a tad more dramatic than my usual “sheer wash of color with coordinating eyeliner” look.

I was actually inspired by Le Gothique’s Naked poll, in which she asks readers about their favorite smokey eye looks. I responded that I love a purple smokey eye, which is true. But it got me thinking … why not a blue smokey eye? I’ve purchased a few blue shadows lately that haven’t seen a lot of action yet, so out they came, and here’s what happened. Click for big photos.

Smokey-ish, no? Not super smokey, but heading in that general direction. I was actually fairly pleased with how this came out. I had a HELL of a time getting any even halfway reasonable pictures, which I guess is what happens when you have no natural light whatsoever to work with. They’re all flash photos, obviously.

Here’s the roundup of products. I REALLY had fun with this one. It was like painting, almost; I kept adding a dab of this and another coat of that until I had it just how I wanted it.

  • Aromaleigh Air & Light on inner 1/2 of lid and inner corner, and to highlight
  • Concrete Minerals Daydream on outer 1/2 of lid
  • Aromaleigh Flutura’s Cloud on outer V, in crease, and under outer eye
  • Aromaleigh Bette and Urban Decay Creep on outer V and in crease
  • UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero on upper lids and waterline
  • DiorShow and Bare Escentuals Buxom mascaras over UD lash primer; DiorShow on bottom lashes
  • NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Real Nude

A note about that gloss: when I bought it, I thought it was way too pink. But I actually kind of like it on. It was exactly what I wanted here–something basically the same color as, but slightly lighter and pinker than, my lips. I wanted my lips to kind of disappear so all the focus was on my eyes. And a note about mascara: I NEVER use it on my bottom lashes. Is it just me, or does it make them look freakishly long?

So. I branched out a little, and it worked. O happy day! Maybe someday I’ll even use shadows from different color families. Imagine that!

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  1. You’re beautiful. Loooove the look!

  2. VERY pretty – I love the look. And no, I don’t normally do undereye mascara either, but it looks good – very dramatic!

    • Oh, thank you! I was worried that the lower-lash mascara was a bit Britney Spears. Not exactly my style icon.

  3. Re your “list” – perhaps it is time to expand your horizons just a tad! 🙂 Don’t mean to be a bad mommie, but I think this blue eyeshadow makes you look somewhat sinister! Don’t want to meet this chick in a dark alley! 🙂 And don’t stop doing your lower lashes – if you got it, flaunt it! 🙂

    • Haha … if my mom thinks I look sinister, I must be doing something right >: )

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