Indie Cosmetics Companies I Plan to Try Out Soon

Over the course of my (admittedly excessive) blog reading, I find myself reading a lot of reviews and thinking damn … I need to order some stuff from those people! Also, those people! And perhaps them over there too! I’m especially intrigued by smaller, independent companies and Etsy sellers: while I’m not entirely averse to buying from giant corporations, I think it’s very important to stick up for the little guys. So I thought I’d write up a list of companies I plan to try out soon. Let me know if I’ve missed any good ones, and I’ll give ’em a whirl one of these days!

1. Fyrinnae, who appear to be closed for a few days at the moment. Top of the list. I’ve read SO MUCH about this company. I’ve read the sterling reviews on Makeup Alley, I’ve stalked their website, I know about the Pixie Epoxy and the dabbing their shadows on instead of swiping (unless you use aforementioned epoxy), I’ve read blog entry after blog entry about how affordable and complex and beautiful and unique their products are. So why haven’t I placed an order? Because I lack patience (and I’m sure my mother and The Mister would agree). Fyrinnae have a longer turnaround time than I’m used to, and I’m hesitant to place an order knowing that I won’t have my grubby little mitts on it for a month. But I really want to try out their stuff, so I’m going to have to suck it up and bite the bullet one of these days, to horribly mangle a metaphor. [I have actually ordered from them now. See addendum below.]

2. Detrivore. Here’s another one that looks really good to me, and I plan to try them sooner rather than later. The owner has a dark side, which I like, and there’s a wide range of pretty colors and finishes. I’ve hesitated to order because the shade descriptions on the site are pretty brief and general. I’ve also read reviews that indicate that some of the pictures on the site aren’t that representative of the colors in real life. (Just to be clear, the reviews I’ve read are pretty uniformly excellent–just occasionally a bit bewildered by the representation of the product on the site versus the product in reality.) But again, they’re affordable enough that, even if I ordered a few shadows and they didn’t turn out to be exactly what I’d expected, I wouldn’t be out much money. And they offer sample sizes: major bonus! High on my list.

3. Sobe Botanicals and Mixology Makeup, both of whom I found on Etsy. I’ve read extremely good things about both of these companies, and I’m intrigued by both of them: Sobe because they sell yummy-looking body stuff in addition to makeup, and Mixology because they carry a lot of neutrals, which I wear all the time.

4. The Body Bakery, because my love of bath and body products + my love of sugary desserty smells = I want to try this place out real bad.

5. A few more mineral makeup companies: Spell Cosmetics, Morgana Minerals, and Evil Shades. I’m especially intrigued by the last two because again, the owners are out and proud about their gothy leanings, which I love and relate to. And again, they’re all eminently affordable and well reviewed. I will try them all out in time, my pretties. In time.

Of course, there are more. BELIEVE ME, there are more. This is just the top tier. I’ll be working my way slowly through this list over the coming months, and you’ll be hearing all about it. Aren’t you lucky?

Addendum: Since I drafted this post, I’ve placed orders with Fyrinnae and Evil Shades. Remember what I said about my patience level above? Yeah, you can go ahead and add “self control” to that category as well.

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  1. Fyrinnae always ships out faster than the estimated TAT (in my experience), but that estimated TAT is so that if something catastrophic happens, they’ll still deliver within that window.

    • That’s good to know! I’m super excited to see their stuff in person, it looks stunning from what I’ve seen online …

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