Pink Duochromes on Parade

There’s only one pink duochrome here, really, but a single pink duochrome does not a parade make, am I right?

My package from Concrete Minerals showed up today, woo hooooo! It took about three weeks to get here because of a delay in a jar shipment (boo!) and a mix-up with their supplier (double boo!) but oh, it was worth the wait! I got a few full-size eyeshadows, a few samples (including a couple of freebies to make up for the delay), and a primer.

One of the first things I discovered when I got into this eyeshadow madness is the importance of a good primer. Like most of the rest of the makeup-buying universe, I really like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but I figured that I might as well give CM’s a shot since I’m trying to move toward buying things that are handmade rather than mass produced. Plus I think that UDPP in Eden–not the regular one, thank goodness–is making my eyelids flake. But I digress!

I was so excited about these eyeshadows that I had to play with them right away. HAD TO. A couple of the ones I ended up liking most were ones that they picked out. I was particularly impressed with Wicked, which they included as a free sample and which turned out to be AMAZING. I might need a full size of it, in fact.It’s a stunning duochrome, described on their website as “bright purple with aquamarine shift.” I’m not sure how bright it is, but it sure is gorgeous! I also wanted to fiddle with White Rabbit (“pale white with a pink sheen”) and Prude (“pale shimmery pink”). White Rabbit is another duochrome-type color, somewhat sheer but very pretty, and Prude is just gorgeous–very highly pigmented and quite opaque. I think I’ll use it a lot.

First, the swatches! White Rabbit is on the left, Wicked in the middle, and Prude on the right. Click for big versions.

Outside, indirect light, no flash:

Outside, direct light, no flash:

You can see the really see the green shift/duochrome aspect to Wicked in these next two. Outside, indirect light, flash:

Inside, flash:

On to the fiddling! Here’s the details. Oh, and if anyone has any clever ways to make liquid eyeliner go on so it DOESN’T look like it was applied by an makeup newbie with shaky hands and increasingly poor vision, I’m all ears.

  • White Rabbit all over lids
  • Wicked on outer lids and in crease
  • Prude to highlight
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in the romantically named shade #864 on upper lids
  • Under it all, Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
  • Doll Eyes mascara

Inside, natural light, no flash:

Inside, flash:

I’d like to insert the standard disclaimer that these photos do NOT do justice to the colors, which are complex and beautiful and sparkly and AWESOME. Inside, natural light, no flash:

Is it just me, or do my eyes look really, really dark? See Exhibit A, above, and Exhibit B, below (outside, no flash):

This seems like a good place to mention that this entire order cost $43.17. Not bad at all for three full-size (10g jar) shadows, six very generous samples (including 2 freebies), and a primer.

There. Now THAT was fun!

Are you sick of seeing my face yet? Yes? Well, you’re in luck, because this weekend I hope to do a couple of non-my-face-related posts! Involving socks! And spring rolls! And maybe … just maybe … someone ELSE’S face!

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  1. My only advice on liquid eyeliner is this: Buy eyeliner that is not liquid but LOOKS like liquid (surprise! I’m going to recommend MAC kohl). If you’re not willing to do that, practice until your eyes bleed eyeliner. 🙂

    • That’s a good thought. I’ve also thought about buying one of those gel liners … I seem to have *slightly* better luck using an angled brush rather than those dinky ones that come with liquid liner.

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