Highlight Showdown!

OK! I know that all four of you are DYING to know the answer to the question I posed yesterday, which is: Which one of these lovely colors is MAC’s Vanilla pigment,

mac vanilla pigment dupe sonic by silk naturals

and which is Sonic by Silk Naturals?

mac vanilla pigment and silk naturals sonic comparison

And the answer is: Vanilla on the left, Sonic on the right.

So, what do you think? Big difference? No difference?

Here are my thoughts on them. MAC Vanilla pigment is very slightly more opaque than Sonic. Sonic is a bit more sheer, and while both colors are very shimmery, Sonic is somewhat more sparkly. However, the two colors are extremely similar, as you can see even in my crap photos. And $4.00 for Sonic is a pretty appealing price point.

But it must be said that, even at $19.50, MAC pigments are a great value. You get a LOT of product in exchange for your $20 (even with all the recent hand-wringing over the reduction in the size–but not the price–of the jars). And MAC pigments are multi-use; I’m not sure if Silk Naturals eyeshadows are, so if you’re planning to wear this color somewhere other than on your eyes–say, if you’d like to mix it with lip gloss or use it on your face–you might be better off with Vanilla. I haven’t worn them at the same time for a full day, so I can’t speak to the staying power of one vs. the other.

If you’d like to try MAC Vanilla pigment but aren’t sure you want to drop $19.50 on it (or risk buying a sample from some random website or eBay seller), I think Sonic is an excellent alternative. Silk Naturals is a great company, and they ship at the speed of … something that ships really fast. I’ll have more to say about them in the future.

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  1. […] Speaking of Good Deals … Having had good luck lately with makeup from drugstores and indie companies, I’m becoming more skeptical about the strength of the connection between price and quality when it comes to makeup. I do believe that a lot of the time you get what you pay for, and if something is of really outstanding quality, I don’t mind paying more for it. But I don’t believe that price and quality always go hand in hand. I’ve ordered pricey stuff online that turned out to be less than impressive in person (a couple of Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows fall into this category), and I’ve fallen totally in love with products that were incredibly inexpensive. […]

  2. Aw, man! I knew it! It’s good to know that there are good substitutes out there, but you make a very good point about the size and value of MAC makeup. A little goes a long way, and honestly, even with my favorite pigments that I use all of the time, I can’t really picture ever running out! And I love the intensity and long-lastingness (really?) of the color.

    • I hear ya! I will probably get myself a few more pigments one of these days–I do think they’re a good value, so I’m willing to shell out the $$$!

  3. I am one of the hundreds of fans of Silk Naturals.

    I got my Sonic through a swap and ended up loving it so much. Since I’m not a daily eyeshadows wearer much, it’s hard for me to finish one tiny jar of SN’s shadows because their colors pack a punch! So, I decided to split my Sonic in half with my sisters. Alas, no one told me back then it is a multi-tasker. It turned out to be great for highlighting cheekbones and cupid-bow! I’m running out of the baby and I believe I’ll be getting another in a very near future.

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