Beauty School Dropout

I came home from work today all excited to do a dramatic, metallic look with some of Aromaleigh’s Elemental Lustre and Bete Noire colors, but I had serious makeup FAIL and took it off pretty much immediately. Thanks to my appalling color selection and hamfisted technique, I ended up looking grubby and oddly wide-eyed, like a filthy alien. Totally demoralized, I determined that dark, smoky, metallic colors must be makeup 201, whereas I remain firmly entrenched in 101. Hell, not even 101. I’m in remedial makeup, and I’m barely passing … the only thing keeping me afloat is serious after-school tutoring in the form of YouTube videos.

So, I went back to the drawing board to play with some slightly less intimidating colors. Not ready to give up on Bete Noire, I decided to experiment with a couple of stunning, sparkly pinks.

aromaleigh pink eyes

So here you have it. All shadows by Aromaleigh, Bete Noire collection (except the first one). Click all photos for 800-pixel-wide versions.

  • jasmine (Opulent Lustre collection) on inner lid
  • lisette on center of lid
  • jolie on outer lid and in crease
  • viviane wetlined on upper lids
  • Sonia Kashuk purple eyeliner on waterline (holy crap this irritated my eyes)
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara over Urban Decay primer

Without flash:

eyes with no flash

With flash:

Natural light, no flash:

Natural light, with flash:

Special bonus trickery question!!! On one eye, I used $19.50 MAC Vanilla pigment as a highlighter, and on the other eye, I used a $4 knockoff from an independent mineral makeup company (Sonic by Silk Naturals). See swatches below … can you tell which is which?

These two were taken outside in indirect light, with flash:

mac vanilla dupe by silk naturals

mac vanilla pigment dupe sonic by silk naturals

This one was taken in direct (albeit fading) sunlight with no flash:

mac vanilla pigment and silk naturals sonic comparison

So … which is which? Answer, details, and my impressions tomorrow!

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  1. You are NOT in remedial makeup! Definitely not. I’m going to go with the right-hand swatch as MAC, and am probably totally, utterly wrong! Ah well. I stick by, loyal customer that I am. 🙂 Very nice look, too – very pretty and sparkly!

    • Well, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out, won’tcha??? I can tell that the suspense is killing you.

  2. […] OK! I know that all four of you are DYING to know the answer to the question I posed yesterday, which is: Which one of these lovely colors is MAC’s Vanilla […]

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