Annis in Wonderland

Enough of this makeup mumbo jumbo! Let’s talk about knitting!

A week or two ago, I finished a little scarfy-shawly thing called Annis from Knitty, a free online knitting magazine that I love. (I’m not the only one, either, judging by how insanely slow their servers get when a new issue goes up.) This pattern interested me because it’s such an unusual shape, and because I have another small shawl (a “shawlette”) that I wear all the time and love. Knitting in southern California is a sad state of affairs: we just don’t have a lot of need for great big knitted wraps here, to say nothing of hats, mittens, big wooly sweaters … The end result is that I knit a lot of socks and lace. Good thing, too, because sometimes a lacy little scarf or shawl is just the thing to finish off an outfit.

As you can see, Annis is sort of crescent-shaped. Click photos for bigger versions.

Interesting, no? The color looks a bit washed out here. It’s variegated blues and plums, light and grayed out. For some reason, I’m strongly drawn to colors that lean toward gray or taupe at the moment. Here’s a closer look at the stitches and color. In this shot, you can see that the pattern involves nupps, little bobbles that are popular in Estonian knitting.

The pattern calls for laceweight yarn, but I used sock yarn, which is slightly thicker. Blue Stocking blue-faced Leicester wool from String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn, to be precise, in the Beach Plum colorway. I bought it from the Loopy Ewe, my favorite sock-yarn supplier of all time.

Because the shawl is so circular, it really wants to wind around your neck. That makes it easy to wear it like this.

Or, if it’s too hot for that, you can tie it around your shoulders. (I took these photos pretty much first thing after I got up, pre-coffee, so forgive the disheveled-ness.)

This pattern was really easy and fun to knit (except for the nupps. If I never knit another nupp, it’ll be too soon). In fact, I kind of want to make another one. If only I had more sock yarn.

Oh …

Never mind.

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  1. I especially like the wrapped-around-the-neck look. It reminds me of Anthropologie, which, as you know, I love. Strange how the color looks much lighter in the second photo.

  2. I am not seeing the nupps, girl! Would that be a ore refined version of popcorns?

    • Yes … they’re down by the border. Not noticeable enough to be worth the bother, in my opinion!

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