Makeup to Eat Sushi By

Camera batteries attained! Photo taking ahoy!

Mr. Principessa and I had a dinner date with my brother and his wife tonight. They’ve recently repatriated themselves to the Golden State, but they’re likely to move out of the area soon, so we figured we should see them while it’s still relatively convenient to do so. We met up for sushi, which I took as an opportunity to practice my limited makeup skills.

I decided to do purple eyes. I have discovered through trial and error that I really, really need to use PURPLE purples on my eyes–violet-y purples, even–rather than plummy purples. They say that plummy purples are great for people with my coloring, but they are DAMN DIRTY LIARS. In my case, at least. My face is where plummy purples go to die, or at least to make a slow and unflattering descent into muddy brownishness.

Anyway. Here’s the purple!

I left the original images sort of big, so if you’re just dying to see my nose freckles up close, click for the big versions.

I used a very light matte-ish purple (that I mixed myself) on the lid and a bright matte purple by Wet ‘n’ Wild in the crease. It’s the middle color on the left side of the Color Icon palette in Lust, if you’re curious. I would like to note that Wet ‘n’ Wild–and drugstore makeup in general–has come A REALLY REALLY LONG WAY since I used to buy it in high school. That’s a whole other post! Anyway, back to the colors.

I blended the light and dark purples together using Iris by Silk Naturals, another matte. Mattes are kind of hard to work with–they can be blotchy and hard to blend–but this one is amazing. And I blended the dark purple up toward my brow using Cream, also by Silk Naturals, as a highlighter. I’m a HUGE fan of Silk Naturals, and will definitely be writing a post on them sooner rather than later.

For eyeliner, I used Urban Decay 24/7 in Crash, which is an eggplanty purple with glitter. I like it, but the glitter ends up all over my cheeks after a few hours. And for mascara, I used Christian Dior DiorShow over Urban Decay’s lash primer. DiorShow is super black and very dramatic, and I like it a lot even though it bizarrely smells like rose perfume.

Et voila!

Bonus pictures: Here’s a random green and purple eye I did not too long ago using samples from the currently-in-the-process-of-closing Aromaleigh. Man, I wish I’d discovered them sooner. Oh well. I have no idea what the colors are … sorry. The eyeliner is actually eyeshadow painted on wet with an angled brush.

And finally, a photo of me in my natural habitat, taken by the Mister and looking oddly soft-focus for some reason.

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  1. Love it! The purple looks really good and not muddy brownish at all. I also LOOOOOVE the green with purple eyeliner and must try that one soon…hmmmm…

    • If/when you do, send me a picture! 🙂

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