In Praise of Haus of Gloi Sugar Scrub

Just a quick followup to yesterday’s post because guess what, still no camera.

Used one of my sugar scrubs (Twice is Nice) from Haus of Gloi this morning in the shower and oh, holy crap. I’m going to need a full-sized one once I use up some (OK, maybe one) of my current scrubs-in-progress. I LOVE the scent. It’s sugary sweet–the description says it smells like sugar cookie, coconut, and almond–but somehow not cloying. If you’re the type of person who prefers not to walk around smelling like dessert, this is probably not the scent for you, but I LOVE scents like that, and this one is just delicious-smelling. Like, “I want to put this in my mouth” delicious.

And the scrub itself is excellent as well–coarse, but not overly so, and very moisturizing. I am something of a … let’s say, “collector” of exfoliants, and this one’s right up there with my favorite scrubs from Lush. Which, if you know my feelings about Lush, is a pretty freakin’ strong endorsement. You can feel the sugar crystals start to dissolve as you rub this in, and you’re left with delightfully scented, slightly oily skin that dries to a yummy-smelling softness. I didn’t even bother to moisturize after I got out of the shower; I could tell just by the way my skin felt that I didn’t need to. Good stuff. The scent lingered for quite a while too, which I like, and didn’t conflict with my perfume, which I really like. (Although given that my perfume lately has been Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, that wouldn’t have been a huge conflict anyway.)

So, to conclude, I used the word “love” in all-caps twice in this review. That’s how you know it’s serious. Full-sized-product serious. Awwwwww yeah.

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  1. […] Above all, I want this blog to be FUN. I started it mostly to blather on at some length about my creative little hobbies and my obsession with all things colorful and smelly and soft and tasty, and as an outlet for my writing. I did NOT intend for it to be a “beauty blog” per se, and I really feel like that last post veered into “beauty blog” territory–writing about makeup for the sake of writing about makeup. I LOVE reading those types of posts, but apparently I really don’t enjoy writing them!  So going forward, I’ll probably write reviews only when I come across something that’s just so stupendous (or so atrocious >: ) that I can’t keep it to myself. […]

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