Look On My Blogroll, Ye Mighty …

And despair, at how very, very many products there are in the world to spend money on.

Still no camera batteries, hence still no pictures or, you know, actual content. I hope to remedy all of those things this weekend.

In the meantime, I’m going to vigorously recommend that you go check out Haus of Gloi if you’re in the mood for some high-quality yet affordable aromatic things to smear, scrub, or dab onto yourself. I ordered a few little items from them last week via the magic of the “Internet” and am enjoying them right now, even as we speak, in the comfort of my own home. They shipped at lightning speed and came nicely wrapped, with a little thank-you note. I purchased sample sizes of their lotion in Honey Tree and Satyr, their sugar scrub in Vice and Twice is Nice (with bonus unintentional rhyming!), and Depravity perfume; they also threw in a free sample of Madcap Garden perfume. I didn’t order that one first time around because I knew it would be minty, and it is, but it smells very wearable–sweet, but not too sweet, and there is definitely an undertone of tea in there. The fragrances are unique and sophisticated (you can check out their fragrance catalog here), and the lotion seems to be good quality, very smooth. Will report back on the scrubs, which I haven’t tried out yet.

I’d also like to note that their sample sizes are quite generous (this would be a great place for a photo, don’t you think? Well, TS!). The one-ounce scrubs will last for at least two trips through the shower, longer if you just used them on your hands or something, and the two-ounce lotions would be the perfect size to keep on your desk at work. I know, because I have about 7 different lotions on my desk at work.

This, incidentally, is an EXCELLENT way to have a little splurge if you’re short on cash: do your research on Etsy sellers, and become a fan of samples! Lots and lots of indie beauty-product companies and Etsy sellers provide samples, and they’re definitely worth looking into. After reading a very positive review of Haus of Gloi on Le Gothique, I wanted to try out their stuff for myself without blowing a bunch of money in case I didn’t like it, and I got those five samples for $17.25, shipping included. I’m 100% impressed and would order from them again in a heartbeat. Gives a person that “Oh, I did something nice for myself” smug warm fuzzy feeling, made even smugger by the fact that it cost under $20. Success!

Postscript: I put on Depravity as soon as I got it out of the box. I think I love it. Better stock up, since something weird seems to be going on with their supplier

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